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Just comment Derk Blair / email
IP: 110.174.186.*
2021-12-22 05:17 UTC
Id: #1262
Absolutely love this software I just wish I could work out an administrators password

Information Jonathan Vanish / email
IP: 104.45.132.*
2021-12-06 21:55 UTC
Id: #1261
Find new customers for your product or service by automatically contacting them with your personal message via automated contact form submission.

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Information Evonne Lillard / email
IP: 159.223.51.*
2021-12-01 12:00 UTC
Id: #1260
Need Business Leads in 152 countries?

We are having a shut down sale!

Information Thalia Moor / email
IP: 206.189.44.*
2021-11-23 16:34 UTC
Id: #1259
Arab League
Hey, we are running a black friday special on leads..

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Information Theo Hanran / email
IP: 159.223.51.*
2021-11-16 23:58 UTC
Id: #1258
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Information Olga Duhig / email
IP: 159.223.123.*
2021-10-26 04:17 UTC
Id: #1257
We have a one time limited offer.

366,295,395 Leads for $20!!

Information Rodger Gilfillan / email
IP: 64.227.10.*
2021-10-07 18:25 UTC
Id: #1256
African Union
Hi ,

Who would I contact at your company that handles ordering your logo products, t-shirts, and promotional items?

For over 20 years we have been creating and supplying our clients with all their custom logo merchandise.

We can put your logo onto anything including:

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Are there any upcoming projects that you need logo items for?

Thanks in advance for your time.


Custom Branded Product Specialist

Information Gladis Smith / email
IP: 208.68.38.*
2021-09-30 18:32 UTC
Id: #1255
Equatorial Guinea

My name is Johan, I am a PHP programmer that specializes in data driven web applications.

Anything related to PHP, MySQL, Data scraping etc.

If you have any custom jobs you can add me on skype to discuss your requirements.

Skype: cmsdevelopers


Information Bruno Carmody / email
IP: 181.177.111.*
2021-09-11 09:33 UTC
Id: #1254
Hello from

We are selling leads from around the world. I thought your company could benefit from it.

You can visit our website to see some of our data.

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Information Julissa Shead / email
IP: 196.242.115.*
2021-08-27 12:37 UTC
Id: #1253
We have an amazing database of leads for you.

All countries are $99 and you can buy the entire world 165 countries for $179.

This offer is valid till Friday.

Information Arlen Baker / email
IP: 185.182.11.*
2021-08-22 04:13 UTC
Id: #1252

Need leads for your business? We have a limited offer where we sell almost 400 million executives around the world in 165 countries for $299.

Or you can buy your country individually for $99.

Information Iesha Guffey / email
IP: 103.247.151.*
2021-08-16 16:03 UTC
Id: #1251
New data just for you!

Hi, just letting you know you can now select from hundreds of millions of data records in 200+ countries and in various industries. Benefit from it as soon as possible.

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Have a look!

Information Rosalie Baldwin / email
IP: 18.219.178.*
2021-06-30 17:53 UTC
Id: #1250
Hi ,

I am following up on my message below.

Who would I speak with about handling your US order fulfillment and shipping?




Who would I speak with at your company that manages your product shipping and order fulfillment?

We are US company, offering warehousing, order fulfillment and drop shipping to our customers since 2005.

Here are some of the items we ship for clients:

-Books, training manuals, guides
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-Health and Medical supplements
-Marketing materials
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-Follow up gifts to clients, leads, and prospects

Do you have some time to discuss - phone / email ?


Fulfillment Specialist

Information Jack N
IP: 108.174.117.*
2021-06-29 20:20 UTC
Id: #1249
United States of America (USA)
Information to my last message: To get better TLE, you can actually download WXtrack TLE as the TLE connections for Orbitron are WAY outdated. To install that, go to the little dot in the top-right corner>load TLE> go to downloads, and go to the wxtrack folder, and finally open the folder and find the TLE file you wish to use. I hope this helps out anybody who has a problem using this.

P.S. The TLE files can be auto-updated at any time.

Question Jack N
IP: 108.174.117.*
2021-06-29 20:09 UTC
Id: #1248
United States of America (USA)
Is there a way to actually update this software so they have the real-time satellite locations as it seems whenever I use online and other software, it shows the satellite orbits are way off. Also, is there a way to add satellites as it has NOAA 15 and 18, but not 19 or any other newer satellites?, or is this software defunct by now.

Information Kattie Maclanachan / email
IP: 18.219.178.*
2021-06-28 23:03 UTC
Id: #1247
Burkina Faso
It is with sad regret to inform you that because of the Covid pandemic is shutting down at the end of the month.

We have lost family members and colleagues and have decided to shut down

It was a pleasure serving you all these years. We have made all our databases available for $99 (All of it for $99) for those interested.

Kind Regards,

Information Tressa Julian / email
IP: 154.16.152.*
2021-06-22 11:52 UTC
Id: #1246
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Important information Darius Saunders / www / email
IP: 105.242.233.*
2021-06-21 14:53 UTC
Id: #1245
South Africa

Cool Heinrich Holtzhausen / www / email
IP: 105.242.233.*
2021-06-21 14:44 UTC
Id: #1244
South Africa
Super cool software!

Information Curtis Wellish / email
IP: 130.185.157.*
2021-06-18 10:20 UTC
Id: #1243
Arab League
Hello from

Want to pay $0.01 a click? We got you covered.

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Information Tim Stace / email
IP: 191.102.135.*
2021-06-15 11:41 UTC
Id: #1242
United Arab Emirates
Hello from,

Doing your own product shipping or order fulfillment in house?

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Thank you!
Fulfillment Warehouse

Information Olga Sabella / email
IP: 196.19.249.*
2021-06-11 09:44 UTC
Id: #1241
We at has been hit badly by Covid-19 and as a result is shutting down.

We provided the best data to companies to find their right customer base, we don't want other companies to go down the same path we went and go out of business.

As a result we are providing our data till the end of the week at the lowest possible prices.

Information Herbert Zimmerman / email
IP: 196.18.225.*
2021-06-04 10:19 UTC
Id: #1240

It is with sad regret to inform you that is shutting down.

We have made all our databases for sale for a once-off price.

Visit our website to get the best bargain of your life.


Information Marylyn Glockner / email
IP: 23.104.184.*
2021-05-26 16:24 UTC
Id: #1239

It is with sad regret to inform you that is shutting down.

We have made all our databases for sale for a once-off price.

Visit our website to get the best bargain of your life.


Information Gudrun Byles / email
IP: 104.251.92.*
2021-05-24 14:43 UTC
Id: #1238

It is with sad regret to inform you that is shutting down.

We have made all our databases for sale for a once-off price.

Visit our website to get the best bargain of your life.


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