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Just comment Konstantin Angeloff / www / email
IP: 87.97.220.*
2009-04-08 21:30 UTC
Id: #919
Hi Stoff! Your software is amazing! It is not amateur! It is proffesional! Do you plane new version or version for symbian?

Greetings from Bulgaria!

Cool jille / www / email
IP: 84.29.74.*
2009-04-02 20:55 UTC
Id: #918
Thanks Sebastian. Use it often to find out about VO-52.
Allready many qso's via sat, just becouse I know when & where.
Great software. 73 Jille in JO31ci

Cool Stefan Tsanev / www / email
IP: 79.100.133.*
2009-04-01 18:28 UTC
Id: #917
Hi Sebastian thanks for a nice software. Thank You . 73! de LZ4SC Stefan QTH KN33ci Town of Popovo

Cool EA1HEU / www / email
IP: 212.22.62.*
2009-04-01 09:48 UTC
Id: #916
Thank you for your program. Very good job. Muchas gracias 73´s

Cool DF2SKE / Erwin / www
IP: 84.148.198.*
2009-03-30 11:56 UTC
Id: #915
Hi Sebastian, a very useful software!
Sometimes it's good to know, what's flying over my head :-)
For all readers: Check out my website for Freeware HAM Software
73 de Erwin DF2SKE

Cool Daniel / www / email
IP: 79.38.23.*
2009-03-30 04:47 UTC
Id: #914
Very good work thanks a lot !!

Question junie / email
IP: 125.112.196.*
2009-03-23 13:28 UTC
Id: #913
I down it,but i don't use it anymore.

Cool Carlo / email
IP: 79.44.101.*
2009-03-20 23:26 UTC
Id: #912
Tnx for Program, very..very..good.

Cool Craig N. Kessler
IP: 98.28.128.*
2009-03-20 04:43 UTC
Id: #911
United States of America (USA)
OH MY LORD! Wow is all I have got to say. I have been looking for a software program to use to track SAT/ISS etc. and I have found it! Not only that but it display's all of the sat freq's (since I am a HAM operator under the call KD8GQW) and its TOO EASY to update the TLE's! WOW Keep up the awesome work....and the program is FREE to boot!

Cool Tamas Toth / www / email
IP: 206.75.167.*
2009-03-19 04:55 UTC
Id: #910
Awesome program. Thank you very much , not only is it educational, but fun as well, I use it and the kids use it.

Cool John Forde / email
IP: 86.45.217.*
2009-03-16 17:55 UTC
Id: #909
Nice program Sebastian, card on the way to Torun! (I visited Kopernik's birthplace a few years ago, Torun is a nice!)

I do have a query about getting the Shuttle's

Cool andix / email
IP: 78.8.57.*
2009-03-16 11:17 UTC
Id: #908
Program super obserwuje od dwOch lat jak bezchmurne niebo swietnie widac zaintersowałem cały blok oraz znajomych w pracy.Teraz ISS plus discovery STS119. Pozdrawiam Andix

Just comment Lynn
IP: 98.127.20.*
2009-03-16 05:12 UTC
Id: #907
United States of America (USA)
Thank you for your software. Good job on your web site.

Just comment VE1BFX / email
IP: 142.176.61.*
2009-03-12 16:04 UTC
Id: #906
Great Job on this program , it is easy to use and fun to enjoy.Thanks for all of the hard work keep up good work
regards Bob

Just comment Johnny
IP: 71.79.63.*
2009-03-09 00:50 UTC
Id: #905
United States of America (USA)
Wow this program is way to cool. Good job...

Just comment vagner / email
IP: 189.47.226.*
2009-03-02 20:30 UTC
Id: #904
olá pessoal tudo blz?? orbitropn arrebenta

Just comment Peter / www / email
IP: 82.33.143.*
2009-02-20 23:04 UTC
Id: #903
United Kingdom (Great Britain)
What a great site Sebastian, keep up the good work. I take it is ok with you to put a link on my site to yours, i feel i need to, as yours is the first one i have seen like this.
Thanks again. Peter

Just comment 6502 / www / email
IP: 192.92.126.*
2009-02-02 15:25 UTC
Id: #902
Hi, you did a great job! thanks a lots for your free cool sat tracking software. It's a smart stuff to run on a computer with a good free planetarium, excellent stuff on watching stars during the night. I have an old release it is still working on a p166 / w98 on a notebook, I use it on watching stars and sat. Now I download a new release to play with it, at home. Great job!
Thanks again!
hi 6502

Cool Johnny Lin / email
IP: 118.169.160.*
2009-01-30 22:09 UTC
Id: #901

Happy new year first, it's Chinese New year festival (Jan 26 to Feb 1st)once again, best wish for you and family.

Cool hans / www / email
IP: 77.22.132.*
2009-01-18 21:30 UTC
Id: #900
Hallo tnx for nice Software.

What is the QRB via ISS.
When the ISS are 300 km away from my location.
QRB max ??? LOCATOR JN68

On my blog i can put Information about Orbitron when you want this.
Greetings from Germany.

Tnx for nice Satelitt Tracking System.

73 de Hans

Just comment Umberto / email
IP: 83.103.40.*
2009-01-16 20:12 UTC
Id: #899
Hi Sebastian thanks for a nice software. Thank You SWL i01810

Just comment Haik / email
IP: 83.139.40.*
2009-01-11 17:58 UTC
Id: #898
Hi Sebastian
Thanks for good softw.
Thank You very much
from Armenia EK6RSC

Cool Willy / email
IP: 217.136.46.*
2009-01-03 21:57 UTC
Id: #897
Hi Sebastian,
Excellent job! Thanks a lot for this very nice software.
Happy New year and greetings from Belgium.

Cool zhaipeng / email
IP: 222.134.134.*
2009-01-03 13:03 UTC
Id: #896
I love radio communication!All world people is good friend!

Just comment agnaldo haas / email
IP: 200.163.215.*
2008-12-28 01:31 UTC
Id: #895
um super programa, conheço uns caras aqui que são loucos por ele.
um abraco

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