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Cool Dave Bate - VA3DBJ / www / email
IP: 99.252.176.*
2007-10-30 23:01 UTC
Id: #794
Orbitron does function well under Vista. I have been running under Vista for some time now with no issues.

Information Christophe64 / email
IP: 87.100.46.*
2007-10-27 09:14 UTC
Id: #793
Bonjour, existe t il une version compatible Windows Vista ?

Cool Michel MUTIN (F5AAJ) / email
IP: 88.161.114.*
2007-10-22 20:47 UTC
Id: #792
Hi, Sebastian and all...

Thanks, dear Sebastian, for your program ! My post card is coming to you...

I want to let know i write a little program for interfacing Orbitron and a FT-897D for satellite traffic. If interrested, E-Mail me !!!

Best regards.

Michel de F5AAJ. f5aaj at free point fr.

Cool Alcance
IP: 200.97.246.*
2007-10-20 21:37 UTC
Id: #791
I liked much of Orbitron!
It is a very good program!

Just comment ANDRE
IP: 86.204.38.*
2007-10-07 19:20 UTC
Id: #790
Thanks for the ORBITRON .iS VERY,VERY good ....

Question Phil / email
IP: 76.17.234.*
2007-10-06 21:02 UTC
Id: #789
Is there a way to show the tracks for more then one sat at a time?

Information OlegA / email
IP: 85.114.172.*
2007-09-26 08:00 UTC
Id: #788
I think many users needed this option - use local gorizont profile. this profile must convert to right radar map as line,lower this we can't see (receive) satellite.
sorry for my english

Cool Myrton / email
IP: 68.14.29.*
2007-09-09 13:06 UTC
Id: #787
Thank you Sebastian. Once again I am using Orbitron, but this time it is operating under the Linux/Ubuntu operating system, using Wine. It s just great to have this program on the computer.
My post/qsl card is on the way also.
Happy hunting to all.... ..
Myrton in Rhode Island, US.
"Find solutions, not fault."

Just comment N T Gillon / email
IP: 124.180.70.*
2007-09-06 23:50 UTC
Id: #786
Hello Sebastian Many thanks for a brilliant programme and accurate Postcard on the way Regards Terry

Just comment Matt
IP: 82.229.209.*
2007-09-06 22:18 UTC
Id: #785
About "lunar flares", I found the following pages:

It seems quite easy to observe with a telescope (magnitude around 7). I understand if it is not a priority for Orbitron.

Just comment William Grander
IP: 84.174.7.*
2007-09-06 12:40 UTC
Id: #784
I never observed such an Iridium Moon flash. However, offers predictions for Iridium daytime flashes.
They write: "Daytime flares for 7 days - see satellites in broad daylight!"
Maybe I'll try that :-)

Cool Matt
IP: 82.229.209.*
2007-09-05 20:31 UTC
Id: #783
Great program! I'm just coming home after watching Iridium 74 & 67.
I was wondering... any chance that you add the Moon as a source for possible Iridium flashes ?

Just comment KB7ZTI / email
IP: 67.168.167.*
2007-09-03 00:30 UTC
Id: #782
I have loaded MyDEE, and have Orbitron select the WispDDE driver. Now I just want it to send out the Azm & Elv data at 2400 baud on Com 2. I will then programe a pic micro-controller to move the antenna for me.

I am just lost on how to send that data out at that rate on that com port

Just comment William Grander
IP: 84.174.62.*
2007-08-24 12:43 UTC
Id: #781
Cory, for talking to the ISS see this page:

How can I talk to the ISS?

Just comment William Grander
IP: 84.174.62.*
2007-08-24 12:25 UTC
Id: #780
hello Cory- the circle is the circle of visibility

that means, astronauts on the ISS can see the part of the earth within the circle and ground observers within the circle can see the ISS Space Station

Just comment Cory
IP: 166.165.167.*
2007-08-22 15:38 UTC
Id: #779
I have a couple of questions. First, I am using Orbitron to track the ISS. The white circle around the ISS. What is this for? I am in Florida, and sometimes the circle covers Florida, Ga, and Al.
Also, I am a Ham radio operator. I want to try to see the ISS and also talk via 2 meter. Is there a way to determin when the chance of talking/working the ISS will be? Thanks so much!

Information John
IP: 69.157.31.*
2007-08-20 15:34 UTC
Id: #778
If you need to find your latitude and longitude try this web site. It's a ham radio oriented site but that does not matter as it can give your location down to the second. It's based on Google Maps and so operates as such. Not all countries have detailed maps available but if you can find your location on the map function or on the satellite image then this page will give you your location. Just left click once and your coordinates will come up.

Just comment John
IP: 69.157.31.*
2007-08-20 15:23 UTC
Id: #777
Downloaded Orbitron the other day and am using it successfully. Seems like a very easy program to use. I have successfully seen two flyovers of the space station/space shuttle in the last two days. Last night's flyover was with the shuttle trailing behind the station. What a beautiful sight. Thanks for the program.

Just comment qaiser / email
IP: 210.56.31.*
2007-08-14 03:13 UTC
Id: #776
hi i m qaiser i have TOKYO BOX FTA 5000 plus digital receiver.
but i want to upgrade my receiver softwere.plz any one help me to tell me my receiver softwere site or replace working softwere.plz tell me teceiver name and model.

Just comment Greg
IP: 74.120.218.*
2007-08-14 00:55 UTC
Id: #775
After frustration of years of using another freeware tracking system,I finally thought I'd give Orbitron a try...Very happy with how smooth it runs and no hang ups...THANKS.

I dont know how many ISS and AO51 passes I may have been missing! Will like to try gettting it to work with FooTraCK rotor contol down the road..maybe some auto tuning for my FT857 too....73 Greg in Ontario. (QSL is on the way)

Question Piotr / email
IP: 195.20.110.*
2007-08-13 13:02 UTC
Id: #774
Czy jest w planach kompilacja Orbitrona na Windows Mobile ? Przydała by się wersja dla PDA można by go używać w terenie.

Just comment Gilly Guy
IP: 217.167.20.*
2007-08-03 12:24 UTC
Id: #773
It's the fist time I use Orbitron, and I see for the fist time the ISS........ good, very good....
I must buy a postcard for your collection....

G.GILLY - Andernos - FRANCE (FR)

Just comment William Grander
IP: 84.174.13.*
2007-07-25 13:23 UTC
Id: #772
Dear Sebastian, great software! Thanks for your post in the news section (July 17, 2007).

If you are planning a new release of Orbitron, could you implement a star map, so we can see where ISS or other satellites are passing nearby stars? This would make visual observations much easier.

No problem, if it is not possible. Orbitron is the BEST satellite tracking software on the web!!!

Cool Emile / email
IP: 80.200.164.*
2007-07-22 10:36 UTC
Id: #771
Thanks Sebastian... a wonderful program.
73s Emile ON4KEP

Just comment VinnyS
IP: 72.74.104.*
2007-07-21 20:39 UTC
Id: #770
Just to let you know I am running Microsoft Vista Business and the software is as far as I can tell working perfectly...


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