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Question Donovanxxx
IP: 196.25.255.*
2007-04-21 23:49 UTC
Id: #746
Hi Sebastian...
I'm not a boffin @ tracking satellites,ect..but i'm pretty sure theez otha guyz applauding u know what they're talkin' about!So, congratulationz form'm sure as an x'ploring amateur i will soon celebrate tha pleasure of thiz hobby very soon.
My question to there a tracking system/programme one can download to track movement @ yar home at any time via satellite and trace it via yar home pc???

Thanx man...

Information pirx / www / email
IP: 77.177.27.*
2007-04-20 06:10 UTC
Id: #745
Echelon should spy system and satellit to be.

Important information Mario
IP: 83.8.213.*
2007-04-15 17:53 UTC
Id: #744
Is ECHELON a satellite? I was thinking it's global syslem to monitor the society with HQ in New Zealand.

Just comment Aleks / www / email
IP: 82.138.15.*
2007-04-15 04:57 UTC
Id: #743
Так может тебе стоит обратиться к разработчику русского перевода? В файле перевода его контактный адрес есть.

Question ipireg / email
IP: 89.178.206.*
2007-04-14 13:45 UTC
Id: #742
Всем привет!
Хорошая программа, интересная, но как всегда, справка только по английски, и читать её не удобно.
Если есть у кого справка по русски, пришлите мне файлик, пожалуйста, на эту почту:
Или, напишите, где её можно взять.

Question pirx / www / email
IP: 77.177.31.*
2007-04-12 08:51 UTC
Id: #741
Hi anybody,

have you ecliptics position of ECHELON satellit?

Just comment tony UK
IP: 82.11.47.*
2007-04-06 00:40 UTC
Id: #740
Hi Sebastian
Love the programme and many thanks for making it free. As an astronomer I like chasing satellites around the sky with my telescope, I have used a number of pay for programmes but this one beats them all, always correct and up to date TLE's

Well done and love to Poland.

Just comment Nigel / www / email
IP: 201.143.83.*
2007-04-05 06:49 UTC
Id: #739
I am trying to contact Sebastian in regard to a question about his software. The email address does not work, as I don't use outlook. I was also interested in doing a link exchange. My website is CSA; Civilian Space Administration.
My email address is so if Sebastian does see this could you email me.


Just comment Holly
IP: 210.49.145.*
2007-04-01 17:46 UTC
Id: #738
Hello, I am trying to predict the track of NoAA-17 and NoAA-18 and the time of passing through Brisbane Australia in next 30 days... however it work for NoAA-15 only... how can i make it work? The times of passing for noaa-15 is 64 times in next 30 days
but noaa-17-18 = 0 =(

Information answer
IP: 80.60.93.*
2007-03-31 18:50 UTC
Id: #737
You have to update or add new TLE's (two line elements) of the satelites you want.
2 choose country/city
3 choose "Select a satellite from the database"
4 try to find sattelites you want and copy the TLE into the TLE directory

Just comment Carette / email
IP: 82.229.81.*
2007-03-31 05:06 UTC
Id: #736
As a GPS user, I just intalled Orbitron. Nice software but what about WAAS and EGNOS satellites ? They do not appear.
Thanks for the great work

Question Dany / email
IP: 200.69.140.*
2007-03-29 15:10 UTC
Id: #735
I am running an APRS server and want to add it an option for users to get satellite passes over Buenos Aires. Question is how can I tell Orbitron to automatically generate the file with the prediction from my VB6 program? maybe DDE?.
Thanks for your time!
LU4EG, Dany

Just comment devavrata / email
IP: 59.92.149.*
2007-03-27 17:40 UTC
Id: #734
how do you read the strings received when you activate the alarm?

Just comment keky / email
IP: 89.172.103.*
2007-03-24 12:03 UTC
Id: #733
hey sebastian!
i just wanned to ask if us users could help you somehow because i see that orbitron doesnt have new version for more than a year!and no newer updates are uvaliable for it on official site!So if you need help and we could do something
(i hope users will agree with me)!!!
Answer please!!

Just comment Kenneth Anderson / email
IP: 71.223.215.*
2007-03-22 01:57 UTC
Id: #732
Hello. Thank you for such a great program, I really love watching iridium flares. I have a question about which direction to look in the sky though. Orbitron predicted an iridium flare high in the southern sky, but when I entered the azimuth/elevation numbers into my planetarium program, it showed up in the high northern sky. Any ideas as to what's up?


Question Klusy / www / email
IP: 85.207.31.*
2007-03-18 21:59 UTC
Id: #731
I want to predict some iridium flares, but orbiton write:Iridium didn't load!
what I shut to do?
btw. I need long-term prediction
Thank you very much
P.S.I'm from Czech republic, so I make a lot of mistakes:-D

Just comment ON4HF (Eric)
IP: 82.174.171.*
2007-03-15 00:33 UTC
Id: #730
Hello Tom,
press the 'esc' key and you will see a menu pop up.
Then click on auto-update TLE.
It works for me!

Just comment Tom / email
IP: 12.205.181.*
2007-03-12 05:37 UTC
Id: #729

I am trying to figure out how to configure orbitron for TLE update but I don't think it's working.

When I click on Load TLE I read, "Uploaded files(s) contains elements older than [X] days. etc. etc. Then when I click on, "Yes" I get, “Updating completed, 0 new TLE file(s), 0 / 0 file(s) downloaded.”

Any help will be appreciated.



Just comment James / email
IP: 151.199.7.*
2007-03-12 00:31 UTC
Id: #728
Just a quick note to let everyone know of an automated rotor
combination that DOES work very well with Orbitron.
I have a Dell PIII 650mhz computer with 1 serial, and 1 USB port.
I am useing the following....

The G6LVB tracking board.
The Yaesu G-5500 rotor.
Orbitron Software.
The most current Wisp device driver.

The serial port controls the radio frequency for Doppler correction, while the USB port is connected to the G6LVB
tracking board. The G6LVB tracking board uses either a standard serial port or the optional FTDI USB adaptor which
simulates a serial port as far as the computer is concerned.

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on this. You DON'T
have to buy an expensive satellite tracking program such as Nova to have automation.

Again, "hats off" to Sebastian for his KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) approach to the software. It is one of the most intuitive and easy to learn satellite softwares out there and works VERY well.


Just comment Nikunj B Sarvaiya. / email
IP: 220.225.17.*
2007-03-06 09:58 UTC
Id: #727
Your Orbitron software is very very very very good.

thankes for you.

Just comment jfisher / email
IP: 209.210.1.*
2007-03-06 06:17 UTC
Id: #726
Love the site! We are currently involved in planning a May downlink with the ISS and this site was recommended to us for use at our school.
Question: I am also involved in another project utilizing GIS. Does anyone have a way to easily tie the two (ISS downlink and GIS project) together as a simple, useful learning activity for 10 to 12 year old students?

Important information Velik
IP: 83.28.24.*
2007-02-24 22:17 UTC
Id: #725
Let's reactive the chat!! I will try to be on chat every day at 20:00 UTC.

Cool Luiz Carlos Pacheco / email
IP: 201.18.137.*
2007-02-24 17:26 UTC
Id: #724
Thanks and congratulations for this great program. Good work.You,Sebastian,have given a good contribuition to science.
Congratulations,once more!

Luiz C Pacheco
Ubaíra-BA- Brazil
Latitude -13.27°
Longitude -39.66°

Just comment Bill in Minnesota / www
IP: 71.210.162.*
2007-02-23 17:19 UTC
Id: #723
Thanks for the great software! It's amazing.

I'm wondering if there is a way to create a custom TLE. I'd like be able to display (for example) ISS, HST, and a couple of the amateur satellites all at once.

Is is possible? I read through the forum and help files.


Cool Ming FAn / email
IP: 193.54.193.*
2007-02-20 23:03 UTC
Id: #722
Amazing software!Good work

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