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Cool Ming FAn / email
IP: 193.54.193.*
2007-02-20 23:03 UTC
Id: #722
Amazing software!Good work

Just comment Jerry Butler / email
IP: 172.165.11.*
2007-02-17 06:05 UTC
Id: #721
I am a newbie from the U.S. and I would like to express my thanks to those involved with bringing this software into existence. I just downloaded this earlier this evening and
have found this to be a lot more user-friendly than the other tracking software I have used previously. Keep up the good work.


Jerry Butler

Just comment Andy / www / email
IP: 121.35.37.*
2007-02-16 14:49 UTC
Id: #720
Hi, If anyone know how about the Chinese satellite BEIDOU 1D?


Just comment pirx / www / email
IP: 77.177.16.*
2007-02-07 14:32 UTC
Id: #719
Hi Nico,

that right the chinese communication satellie was with high chinese military precision shooted. Stars war episode cubesat.

Important information Nico / www / email
IP: 213.224.87.*
2007-01-31 20:58 UTC
Id: #718
Did anyone read about the Chinese satellite that was shot down last year? It stirred up some commotion I reckon... it was just the 4th time ever that such a thing happened... launched a bit of fright for a spacial armaments race. So indeed, the Fengyun 1-C weather satellite no longer appears in the Orbitron weather TLE file... I immediately wrote the incident down in the Info box.

I wonder who is smart enough to actually tap into some basic data streams of those shiny structures up in space...

Ever since I downloaded Orbitron two weeks ago, I've been scurrying around the web looking up names and functions of the satellite code names (some acronyms) and their purpose of orbit ever since... I think my interest in satellites came with watchin the movie Armageddon where TDRSS was mentioned. Since I'm a sucker for acronyms I wanted to know of...
So now I know a bit on Iridium, the Cosmos and Ikonos sats and soforth. How about the 'Unknowns' that are charted?
Any theories of that? I think NAVCOMSAT must be one of them, who else thinks this?

I also came to find the website , where you can register and look for high-res satellite photos. I think this is way more authentic than Google Earth.

So about the Chinese sat that was taken down by a Chinese missile.

Just comment Jevgeni Lototski / email
IP: 217.159.233.*
2007-01-25 11:50 UTC
Id: #717
Tanks for the great programm. Would it be possble to add the function that allow to estimate time of transit of the ISS
over the Moon?

Question Jon Montana / email
IP: 151.202.231.*
2007-01-24 21:38 UTC
Id: #716
Really cool s/w...but, I am tracking orbcomm fm 34 using this s/w and nasa Jtrack 3d. While orbcomm fm34 is over africa on nasa s/w, it it showing up over eastern USA in Orbitron...any thoughts? What do the different colors of the ground track indicate?


Just comment Aleks / www / email
IP: 82.138.15.*
2007-01-22 03:19 UTC
Id: #715
Objects with lower magnitudes are brighter than objects with higher magnitudes. Sun has -26 magnitude and faintest star visible by naked eye has 6 magnidue.
More complex info:

Just comment Joe / email
IP: 69.210.39.*
2007-01-22 00:16 UTC
Id: #714
I'm confused with the magnitude field in the predictions window...first, I thought higher magnitude means brighter, than I thought lower magnitude was brighter, now I'm just confused, because I read something about ISS saying that it's easy to see from the earth, even at -1.5 magnitude, and I thought -1.5 would be bright...I'm confused...please answer!

Just comment Tony Nettle / email
IP: 81.103.178.*
2007-01-19 21:01 UTC
Id: #713
New to Orbitron,i find this sort of thing fasinating.i do`nt understand yet but i`m gonna play with it !!!
Well done it`s a great piece of software
Tony, England.

Information Kyle Rose / email
IP: 74.13.42.*
2007-01-16 13:54 UTC
Id: #712
Im new with using this program. Is there any info or anything you guys can give me on how to properly use the program/

Just comment ROD / email
IP: 151.199.7.*
2007-01-11 01:15 UTC
Id: #711
Does anyone have Orbitron working with the SAT688 or LVB interfaces via USB??




Just comment ROD / email
IP: 151.199.7.*
2007-01-08 17:29 UTC
Id: #710
Will Orbitron interface with the Labjack U12 and piggyback hardware for controlling a Yaesu G5500 rotor?
Or, asked another way....
What USB based, rotor controller hardware will work with Orbitron?


Just comment Steven James Raas / email
IP: 67.85.67.*
2007-01-07 04:45 UTC
Id: #709
Retract the last Post... I just figured out how to do exactally what I wanted to do! Now that I can do that.. This probabally will become my favorite Tracking Prog!

Just comment Steven James Raas / email
IP: 67.85.67.*
2007-01-07 04:39 UTC
Id: #708
I am a new user to Orbitron, and am Really Liking it. I wonder is there is an ability or possible upgrade in progress to fast forward the sat's path? I find it usefull to fast forward with ( other progs ) so I can see if I have an upcomming pass. I know you can predict it.. but its a visual thing for me.. just pressing the Fast forward button.. and seeing whats is comming next.

Just comment andre / email
IP: 82.134.234.*
2007-01-04 22:43 UTC
Id: #707
is it only possible to calculate predictions about Irdium satellites for a specific time and location? I'd like to see predictions for the much bigger Visual TLE.

Just comment Brian
IP: 69.125.156.*
2007-01-01 23:47 UTC
Id: #706
I love using orbitron on my XP computer.

Will there ever be an OS X (PPC or Intel or both) version of Orbitron at any point?

Cool pirx / www / email
IP: 77.177.0.*
2007-01-01 06:25 UTC
Id: #705
All the best in New Year 2007.

Just comment Slon
IP: 193.77.150.*
2006-12-31 19:59 UTC
Id: #704
Great program... i'm using it for many times... Is there any chance to add GPS define of observer location (NMEA)or synch clock?

Thanks for your effort

Just comment laY
IP: 83.19.153.*
2006-12-18 21:52 UTC
Id: #703
I heard that something is moving around the Orbitron project ... New reease ?!? New features ?!? .... or something ... Does anybody know something about that ??

Cool Miguel T. / email
IP: 85.138.72.*
2006-12-18 18:22 UTC
Id: #702
Hi guys,
is for advise, for the firts time in my life i have see ISS in Sky.
was 18H00 UTC here in Portugal and i see it.
Beautifull, i only see with my eyes the light of solar panel but for me is wonderfull.
Best regards.

Just comment Midi
IP: 81.154.195.*
2006-12-18 10:43 UTC
Id: #701
Any chance we could have an audio alarm when a chosen sat comes within range? i.e. when it comes in range of the radar screen.


Just comment prix / www / email
IP: 77.177.16.*
2006-12-13 21:59 UTC
Id: #700
have anybody TLE of ISS station and Discovery STS-116?
Some NASA-TV , UFO and mystery stuff.

Just comment geopap / email
IP: 155.207.123.*
2006-12-13 13:42 UTC
Id: #699
How can we put new Molczan file in order to update the previous one and have new rcs values and magnitudes about the satellites?
Ted Molczan said that he takes the values from Mike McCants's website ( is
can you update the program in order to rewrite the values from this site?

Just comment angus young (m0ikb) / email
IP: 84.65.88.*
2006-12-13 11:47 UTC
Id: #698
I am still thaving problem with the WispeDDE link to control my FT817 everything is OK but after a minute or so the radio is a little off ther freq. given by Orbitron and the longer I stayed attached to the DDE link the worse it gets. Orbitron is great works very, very well but the link seems to be giving the incorrect data to the radio?
Any idea's, oh by the way just building a simple interface to let the PC control that as well (sheer lazyness) but the DDE link seems to keep that very accurate?
many thanks

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