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Cool Jose Luis Cañizares
IP: 83.35.147.*
2006-07-15 17:18 UTC
Id: #646
Felicidades por el programa es de lo mejor, gracias

Cool fabio martinez garcia / email
IP: 201.210.183.*
2006-07-12 20:45 UTC
Id: #645
tu programa es de lo mejor espero que sigas como vas ya, es pero poder ayudar algun dia.
perdona pero no se ingles

Just comment ĘÔŃéÉ豸 / www / email
IP: 218.83.155.*
2006-07-09 10:42 UTC
Id: #644


Cool Sasha
IP: 87.11.136.*
2006-07-08 19:59 UTC
Id: #643
Walter (Do2PIT)

I have found this site

do you know?

Cool Walter (Do2PIT) / www / email
IP: 82.83.62.*
2006-07-08 13:49 UTC
Id: #642
really brilliant programm-many thanks.card has already reached you(no.1120) question:who knows exactly which military geo.satellite is working on 255550 mhz and can be heard via groundplane in hannover,germany?very interesting signals from satellite pirates from brazil and other states on it!pse e-mail me !

Just comment Dordio / email
IP: 85.240.66.*
2006-07-07 22:24 UTC
Id: #641
Five Stars!!!


Just comment Steven (Germany)
IP: 84.174.171.*
2006-07-07 16:31 UTC
Id: #640
Just downloaded Orbitron in an internet cafe. Now I will install it at home. I downloaded all optional maps.

Thank you very much for this software, Mr. Stoff!!!

Just comment Chuck Manetta / www / email
IP: 65.12.228.*
2006-07-05 21:23 UTC
Id: #639
Thanks Sara!

Just comment Stephen
IP: 172.147.51.*
2006-07-05 17:24 UTC
Id: #638
A bit off track (no pun intended), but besides the obvious sources for satellite photos (i.e. Goggle), does anyone know if there are any sources of satellite photos (usa) that are from the 1960's? Thanks.

Information Saha
IP: 87.1.17.*
2006-07-05 13:25 UTC
Id: #637
Chuck Manetta

download sts.txt from

Just comment Chuck Manetta / www / email
IP: 65.12.228.*
2006-07-05 12:47 UTC
Id: #636
Does anyone know if the space shuttle is located in a TLE?


Just comment Dave - K6RTA
IP: 207.200.116.*
2006-07-04 23:31 UTC
Id: #635
Space Shuttle - STS-121 - Catalog number: 29251

Just comment Aj Colins
IP: 207.200.116.*
2006-07-02 21:39 UTC
Id: #634
Shortly after successful launch and orbit,
Auto-download Keps from Space-Track and
look in "Special Interest" file.

Important information Aj Colins
IP: 205.240.39.*
2006-07-02 08:00 UTC
Id: #633
Is there a way where I can track STS-121 with this program?

Important information Maestro
IP: 83.8.132.*
2006-06-25 19:15 UTC
Id: #632
Its really nice here. Hope we will see new release soon :)

Question Matthew / www / email
IP: 83.7.230.*
2006-06-16 15:18 UTC
Id: #631
Programik SUUUUUUPER uzywam go często ostatatni szczególnie bo idzie lato i czyste niebo. Pocztówke wysle jak znajde jakas fahjną.
Moje pytanie brzmi czy mozna sie spodziewac kolejnej wersji Orbitrona powiedzmy 4.0??
Bardzo ciekwaia mnie rozszerzenia. Np. zeby było połączone z programe Sky Chart w taki sposób zeby program generował slad przelatującego satelity na mapie nieba ze Sky Charta.
Ostatania wersja jest z 2005.09.08 a to juz troche czasu jest.
Ja ten programik uwielbiam i mam nadzieje ze bedzie jakas nowa wersja z ciekawymi moze przełomowymi opcjami. Prydała by sie tez Predykcja Księzyca.
Pozdro dla CIebie Sebastian

Just comment Mishael
IP: 146.153.144.*
2006-06-08 13:16 UTC
Id: #630
A quick question/suggestion concerning exporting prediction results. Is it possible to add a column to display both satellite name and ID when using three line element codes? Also, my intent is to export from orbitron then import into excel for the sole purpose of grabbing the predicted id#'s and putting them into space-track's individual satellite element download box. Could Orbritron have a selection for a comma separated value (CSV) output in the predicted results, that would save a step in the input to a spreadsheet program.

Question Ricardo PY3VHQ / www / email
IP: 201.66.179.*
2006-06-06 10:42 UTC
Id: #629
I would like to know how to get the output string "TrackingData" from Orbitrom (running under Linux/wine) and write in a txt file to use data with my Linux programs. If someone can help me, please sends me an e-mail.

Ricardo PY3VHQ

Just comment Stephen / email
IP: 172.132.27.*
2006-06-04 12:13 UTC
Id: #628
Got it! With a local pass over time of 3:44AM, I got up extra early (2am) and spent some quality time observing the skies with my scope first. Then, just as Orbitron predicted (and at the exact location in the sky), the ISS came over. Almost reached the zenith. Great sight, and it was the first time I saw it ever. Well worth it.

Just comment Stephen
IP: 172.132.5.*
2006-06-03 13:59 UTC
Id: #627
Thanks. Clouds prevented my sighting of the ISS the other morning, but looks good for early tomorrow morning.

Just comment Salomão / email
IP: 85.241.41.*
2006-06-02 16:11 UTC
Id: #626
Allready done that and taken a photo, but it's very difficult working with the camera at free hand.
To those who have the necessary equipment it will be a lot more easy.

The next step is to make a visual AND radio contact with the ISS crew.

Bye Bye and good observations.


Just comment Stephen / email
IP: 172.137.39.*
2006-05-30 14:00 UTC
Id: #625
I'm sure it does Matt, no matter where in Ohio you are. Just check the Orbitron prediction passes, and you'll see.

I'll let everyone know if I see one of the ISS passes this upcoming week.

Just comment matt
IP: 70.39.84.*
2006-05-29 23:19 UTC
Id: #624
good luck stephen, does that pass over ohio?

Just comment Stephen / email
IP: 172.163.180.*
2006-05-29 13:58 UTC
Id: #623
Thanks to Orbitron, and other internet access resources, I just may have my first good look at the ISS soon! On June2,3,and 6th I'll get an opportunity to spot the ISS passing bright and across the zenith here in northern Indiana (USA). Early mornings, before dawn, so now all I need are clear skies.

As long as I've been into astronomy, used scopes, done astrophotography over the years (as well as good old star-gazing), I've never seen the ISS pass over! Wish me luck!

Just comment Surferboy
IP: 84.20.58.*
2006-05-28 11:54 UTC
Id: #622
Thanks but today it works.

You are right, the server was temporaly off

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