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Just comment Surferboy
IP: 84.20.58.*
2006-05-28 11:54 UTC
Id: #622
Thanks but today it works.

You are right, the server was temporaly off

Important information Sasha
IP: 87.1.143.*
2006-05-27 20:19 UTC
Id: #621

at this time is down


Question Surferboy / email
IP: 84.20.58.*
2006-05-27 19:27 UTC
Id: #620
Can somebody help me?

I can`t update the TLE data anymore.

I use ""

Just comment THX1138
IP: 151.193.213.*
2006-05-25 20:26 UTC
Id: #619
Thank you

Information Sasha
IP: 87.1.14.*
2006-05-25 20:22 UTC
Id: #618
To Richard Parvin

probably object a and object b launched 24 may 2006 at 22:11

Question Richard Parvin / email
IP: 151.193.213.*
2006-05-25 16:30 UTC
Id: #617
I hope this is not a dumb question .... how long before the GOES TLE will include GOES 13?

Cool Sasha
IP: 87.1.14.*
2006-05-25 10:13 UTC
Id: #616

try this site:

Just comment chris / email
IP: 172.215.8.*
2006-05-21 19:56 UTC
Id: #615
Does any one have a good wx-sat receiver project to build_ schematics etc... pcb layouts or a good website with the above details

Thanks chris

Just comment Stephen
IP: 172.161.200.*
2006-05-21 13:01 UTC
Id: #614
Oh, ok. I have 3.71, so not sure if the update you mentioned is available here.

Just comment Sokratekk
IP: 83.138.136.*
2006-05-19 20:27 UTC
Id: #613
i mean a version 3.72 with the suggested improvements...
some maps, skins, etc.for dl

Just comment Stephen
IP: 172.166.115.*
2006-05-19 13:29 UTC
Id: #612
I got the latest update downloads for data, so I'm not sure what you mean? Or, did you mean an update in the program itself? Orbitron continues to fascinate me, and I like it!

Question Sokratekk
IP: 83.138.189.*
2006-05-19 09:02 UTC
Id: #611
what happend to Orbitron?
no update and the ltest news is over 6 month ago...
is this project still running?

Just comment Matt
IP: 70.39.84.*
2006-05-13 18:46 UTC
Id: #610
You to Stephen

Just comment Stephen
IP: 172.150.138.*
2006-05-13 13:44 UTC
Id: #609
You're welcome, Matt. Have a good weekend.

Just comment matt
IP: 70.39.84.*
2006-05-11 21:40 UTC
Id: #608
thnx stephen it helped narrow the area down and im doing this for someone no business of mine im just tryin to get paid...thnx again....

Just comment ÖŰɽͬ˛˝´ř / www / email
IP: 218.83.155.*
2006-05-08 09:00 UTC
Id: #607
˝Ý±Şą¤ŇµÍ¬˛˝´řĚáą©Ł¨ ˝Ý±ŞĆ·ĹĆŁ©ĚÝĐÎłÝͬ˛˝´řˇ˘Í¬˛˝´řÂÖˇ˘żŞżÚĎđ˝şÍ¬˛˝´řµČˇŁ

Just comment Stephen
IP: 172.147.74.*
2006-05-07 16:37 UTC
Id: #606
Matt, sounds like you want to track someone's car without them knowing? Very touchy subject, on legal grounds. Without knowing exactly what your situation is, you might want to weight all the pros and cons. However, tracking can be as elaborate as GPS, or as simple as a basic radio transmitter, depending on what area/range you need. Hope that helps.

Just comment Josef Brockers / email
IP: 217.50.205.*
2006-05-07 07:58 UTC
Id: #605
Hi Sebastian,
many Thanks for Orbitron. A Card from my very little Town is not avaible at This Time.
vy 73 from DE1AJM in Jo31ge (Kleinenbroich - Germany)


Just comment matt / email
IP: 70.39.84.*
2006-05-07 03:30 UTC
Id: #604
stephen, i dont know if u cna help me but i need to place a tracking device in a car and i need to know how to go about doin it

Just comment Stephen
IP: 172.166.105.*
2006-04-29 13:43 UTC
Id: #603
Thanks, Dave. I will be patient. I've never knew where or when to look for the ISS until after I discovered this program. Kind of embarrassing to have used my scope to view planets, a few galaxies, but never got to see what I don't need a scope for...the ISS. Yes, I see that some windows appear where the ISS can get high enough for me to see. I'll hopefully catch it on a time when my schedule allows as well. Thanks again

Just comment Пита / www / email
IP: 194.246.112.*
2006-04-29 09:08 UTC
Id: #602
Админы- сделайте русский форум! Плиз!

Important information Пита / www / email
IP: 194.246.112.*
2006-04-29 09:04 UTC
Id: #601
Проверка связи!

Cool Tim Tuck / email
IP: 218.214.192.*
2006-04-28 22:45 UTC
Id: #600
Hi Sebastian,
Great program, card is on its way!

Now for a wish list :) ...

1. The ability to set an offset to the uplink or downlink so the radio "sounds right" when under control.

2. The ability to limit the output resolution to 5 or 4 digits rather than 6 since I've found my Kenwoods' TS-711 and TS-811 round up to 5 when fed 6 digit freqs thus acumulating an error over a pass. This is using WispDDE so it actually might be a problem with that program but it still be a nice addition :)

3. A digital VFO for moving around the pass band of the linear sats driven off the mouse wheel and/or the up/down arrows.

thanks again



Just comment Dave - K6RTA
IP: 207.200.116.*
2006-04-28 20:50 UTC
Id: #599
Be patient. Keep looking ahead at projections for ISS.
It WILL come by in full view eventually; and is plenty
bright enough to overcome city lights.

Just comment Stephen / email
IP: 172.146.245.*
2006-04-28 15:58 UTC
Id: #598
Here in the midwest(USA), the ISS never gets high in the sky, and being near the cities, I've never had the chance to see it yet. Anyone else had this experience with the ISS usually being low off the horizen, but may have had a clear unobstructed view of the horizon (enough to see it)?

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