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Just comment Salomao / email
IP: 85.241.50.*
2006-04-20 13:36 UTC
Id: #597
i wonder if anyone is thinking to make a version of Orbitron to run on a pocket PC?
I think this is a great software!

Best regards

Cool ali-m / email
IP: 66.198.39.*
2006-04-20 13:35 UTC
Id: #596
hi every body iam a new user from syria
a special thanks to sebastian stoff for this great program

Just comment matt
IP: 70.39.84.*
2006-04-20 01:10 UTC
Id: #595
thnx stephen you helped clear it up for me.

Information Mariano
IP: 83.8.81.*
2006-04-19 20:30 UTC
Id: #594
Surferboy, Try google for words: "military satellites", good luck!

Question Surferboy from Switzerland
IP: 84.20.58.*
2006-04-19 17:49 UTC
Id: #593
Can someone write me a link to a side with current military Sateliten facts (Please in the forum) ????

Cool Surferboy from Switzerland
IP: 84.20.58.*
2006-04-19 17:43 UTC
Id: #592
Hi there your programm is very interessting and good for Hobby Astronoms like me.
Finally a program that the satellites indicates so exactly and in addition is Freeware.
Very good Work.

Just comment Stephen
IP: 172.138.52.*
2006-04-19 13:27 UTC
Id: #591
Matt, it depends on what you used to transmit. The bottom line: first you need to consider what you want to track. Does it already have some sort of transmitting device? If so, is it on a public mode that you could find and track ? If not, can you install one? Etc, etc..

Orbits are predicted, and updated for corrections. If you want to track people or cars, they are not on a fixed path or orbit, and must transmit something that can be tracked. Hope that helps

Just comment matt
IP: 70.39.84.*
2006-04-18 18:53 UTC
Id: #590
i see so in order for you track something it has to give off a signal that you would be able to trace? if you have that signal or transmitter then how would you ba able to track it.

Just comment Stephen
IP: 172.165.128.*
2006-04-17 18:34 UTC
Id: #589
Matt, the people or cars you want to track would need some sort of transmitting device in order for you to track them. Some cars have built-in GPS, but it would be difficult for someone to monitor(private individual, etc.). Even cell phones have built in GPS, but again, only trackable by the companies (or government).

Just comment Matt / email
IP: 70.39.84.*
2006-04-17 16:24 UTC
Id: #588
i just wanted tp trakc like ppl or cars just to see if it can be done with limited tecknowlogy

Just comment Stephen
IP: 172.131.74.*
2006-04-14 12:27 UTC
Id: #587
Matt,What did you want to track?

Just comment Matt / email
IP: 70.39.84.*
2006-04-10 23:18 UTC
Id: #586
i was wondering if there is anyone who knows how to use satellite tracking systems and turn it into program were you can track things here on earth

Just comment Stephen
IP: 172.170.69.*
2006-04-10 19:30 UTC
Id: #585
Ade, you might want to ask Sebastian. He's the expert.

Just comment Ade / email
IP: 213.38.32.*
2006-04-06 15:02 UTC
Id: #584
Stephen a great program is ther anyway i can load it to a PDA and get it to wrok

Just comment Stephen
IP: 172.150.116.*
2006-04-02 19:10 UTC
Id: #583
Ok, thanks. That seems to be the TLE file. Many thanks!

Information Mariano
IP: 83.8.145.*
2006-04-02 11:36 UTC
Id: #582
is link to data file. Please, download in and wiew in MS Notepad.
Good luck!

Just comment Stephen
IP: 172.163.109.*
2006-04-01 20:45 UTC
Id: #581
Thanks, Sasha. I went there, but it looks like an entire tracking software product. Maybe that's the only way to get the Vanguard data, but would rather see if I can simply get the data to put on Orbitron. I'll check it out further on that website you suggested, in case I wasn't seeing all the options. Thanks!

Information Sasha
IP: 82.61.46.*
2006-04-01 19:36 UTC
Id: #580
Stephen try this: (old tle)

or try (require registration)

Just comment Stephen
IP: 172.131.74.*
2006-04-01 18:46 UTC
Id: #579
Can anyone provide a source/link for direct data for the Vanguard satellites? I'm not too experienced with this, and am looking for data that I can add to my Orbitron program. Thanks!

Just comment Vitus / email
IP: 80.226.161.*
2006-03-28 17:51 UTC
Id: #578
ein super programm, danke den entwicklern.
leider bin ich der englischen sprache nicht mächtig.
viele liebe grüße aus dem großraum dresden sachsen.

Just comment ANSWER
IP: 83.131.130.*
2006-03-25 21:10 UTC
Id: #577

What is this about you are talking??
I havent been here for a while

Just comment User85482
IP: 132.62.88.*
2006-03-23 18:58 UTC
Id: #576
Nevermind, I figured it all out.

Simple python code for a DDE:

import sys
import win32ui
import dde

server = dde.CreateServer()
conversation = dde.CreateConversation(server)
conversation.ConnectTo("Orbitron", "Tracking")

answer = conversation.Request("TrackingData")

I'll probably submit a simple DDE driver soon.

Just comment User85482
IP: 132.62.88.*
2006-03-23 18:21 UTC
Id: #575
I'm trying to wirte a simple DDE client for use with Oribtron. Nothing fancy, it's mainly a learning process. I downloaded the myDDE example, and I've combed through the registry, but I don't see what the DDE server name for Orbitron is. Is it just Orbitron?

In Python, you do a server.ConnectTo(ServerName,firstcommand)

what would I put for the Servername?

Important information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 83.8.101.*
2006-03-22 18:08 UTC
Id: #574
Stephen, The pleasure is on my side :)

Just comment Stephen / email
IP: 172.153.122.*
2006-03-21 20:22 UTC
Id: #573
I had the pleasure of chatting with SEB a few minutes ago. So, not only did I find the chatroom active, I had the honor of speaking directly to the person who made this website possible.

Thanks, SEB, and I appreciated the helpful information you gave me on satellites from the 1950's!

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