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Just comment Stephen / email
IP: 172.163.247.*
2006-03-21 15:01 UTC
Id: #572
I thought maybe the time zone differences would impair sone coordinated chat meetings, but I would think that a world wide forum would always have someone there! Not so, but I've found this to be true in other forums. It's a big internet, but hopefully I'll find a time to visit and find it being used. Nevertheless, I am thankful for the Orbitron program.

Information Seb
IP: 83.8.78.*
2006-03-20 21:06 UTC
Id: #571
I'll try to go chat tomorrow!

Just comment ANSWER
IP: 83.131.155.*
2006-03-20 20:09 UTC
Id: #570
Still no one shows on chat not even when the aranged mettings are!
Thats too stupid!!

Just comment Ken Roberson / email
IP: 64.19.100.*
2006-03-12 18:13 UTC
Id: #569
Hello All,
Is there a driver that will output AZ/EL data to the comm port
in the EasyComm1 az/el protoCall ???

Thanks Ken

Just comment STEPHEN / email
IP: 172.168.242.*
2006-03-11 15:19 UTC
Id: #568
Great website! Thanks very much. I've always been fascinated with satellites, especially the ones which have been up there since the 1960's! Too bad the earliest ones from the 1950's aren't still in orbit to track!

I went to the chat yesterday(Friday) at the appointed time, but found it empty. Hope to interact with others out here regarding satellite interests.

Thanks again for such a wonderful website/satellite source!

Just comment Angus Young / email
IP: 81.79.49.*
2006-03-09 18:49 UTC
Id: #567
Hi, any chance of having PCSAT1 and PCSAT2 on the amateur radio TLE? Thanks for putting Cutie1 on the TLE.
Gus 2E0BAT

Just comment Mike / email
IP: 24.121.41.*
2006-03-08 23:37 UTC
Id: #566
Is Orbitron compatible with the Labjack/Piggyback interface? I have not been able to make them see each other. I love the program though! Thanks!

Just comment Luka / email
IP: 80.74.176.*
2006-03-01 14:48 UTC
Id: #565
where I can find the hardware to control a Kenwood ts790 and rotators with this program ? Thanks

Just comment Amm1UK / www
IP: 88.107.100.*
2006-02-28 10:01 UTC
Id: #564
Hi Sal.
I suspect that Sebastian is quite a busy person and can't reply to people's questions promptly. Therefore, may I suggest you also post your query on the ISS Fan Club. They have a forum where you can talk about anything ISS. They are very quick with responses. You have to join but it's free and easy. I am also a member. A lot of Ham-Radio enthusiasts use this club.

Just comment Sal Fresco / email
IP: 85.241.42.*
2006-02-27 12:00 UTC
Id: #563
Yesterday i found that something was wrong when I was tracking the ISS and when it supposed to orbit over Portugal could not hear a thing! After 20 minutes or so I heard the ISS APRS.
I was using the latest Keplerian Elements.
What was Wrong???

Best Regards

Question Paul Proefrock / email
IP: 70.232.142.*
2006-02-25 15:22 UTC
Id: #562
Is there a way to search the forum? There may be answers to problems but they are buried in 23 pages of messages.

Paul P

Question Paul Proefrock / email
IP: 70.232.142.*
2006-02-25 15:21 UTC
Id: #561
Still troubleshooting my installation. Learned that Orbitron is not compatible with my Fujitsu Laptop - Video card issues.

I have now installed it onto my desktop unit and have it running. But I continue to get UDP initialization errors. Running WindowsXP Pro/SP2 w/Firewall. I have opened port 123 for UDP.

Ideas on why it will not sync time?

Paul P

Just comment 2E0BAT / email
IP: 84.66.49.*
2006-02-22 21:16 UTC
Id: #560
looking for information if DDE link to Fodtrack is OK and also is Cutie 1.7 listed as I cannot find it on the amateur sat list.

Just comment LZ1KKA / www / email
IP: 212.104.96.*
2006-02-20 18:41 UTC
Id: #559
So... I understand...
Somebody else who can make orbitron for Symbian ?????
I want but i can't :( Somebody else??? It is very necessery for all people who are traveling....

Information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2006-02-20 12:11 UTC
Id: #558
LZ1KKA, Sorry but I have absolutely no free time to do such version :(

Just comment LZ1KKA / www / email
IP: 212.104.96.*
2006-02-20 08:15 UTC
Id: #557
I will write my post again.
Sebastian please make ORBITRON for symbian mobile phones.I have Nokia 6600 and i want to track ISS from my phone when i am outside my home.IT is very necessary for many people!
...may be when you have free time...

best regards Angelov

Just comment amm1UK
IP: 88.107.111.*
2006-02-17 09:46 UTC
Id: #556
Hi Sebastian.
I don't know how often you get to read these messages but you may recall a little earlier that I had conflicting data between Orbitron and the commercial Astronomy software with regard to the ISS travelling through different constellations and giving out conflicting data on RA and Dec. You advised me to check the RA and Dec of the two programs which I did. I have now recieved a reply from from the commercial software technical department and they have confirmed to me that there was an error on their program! They are now going to produce an update.
I just thought you would like to know the outcome.
Many Thanks.

Question Paul Proefrock / email
IP: 70.232.142.*
2006-02-16 01:05 UTC
Id: #555
I am attempting to run Orbitron but unsuccessfully. The program will start and open but crashes after being open about 2 minutes.

Thinking it was something running in the background causing the crash, I've disabled the update checking. I've tried to check the time sync but keep getting a UDP initialization error. This may be the problem - I don't know.

I am trying to run on a Fujitsu 6210 Laptop, Windows XP Pro/SP2. I've opened port 123UDP in the firewall.

Has anyone else run into this? any ideas on what may be causing the crash?

Cool Sergey / www / email
IP: 85.192.48.*
2006-02-13 12:33 UTC
Id: #554
Superb software .

Just comment Sensor_X / email
IP: 217.153.196.*
2006-02-11 01:52 UTC
Id: #553
Witam.. ;-)) fajny programik..wlasnie zaczalem sie nim bawic i wydaje mi sie ze widzialem na zywo satelite lecaca na pd/wsch i wygladala jak gwiazda ktora szybko leci...hehe..;-))albo nie wiem co to bylo...pozdrawiam...

Just comment angus / email
IP: 84.66.238.*
2006-02-10 14:25 UTC
Id: #552
Hello, truly a great programme. I have like it since I first came across it and it works FAB.
I have built a satellite array 1x9 elements on 2mtrs and 2x14 elements on 70cm, works very well. I am hoping to use the a 'Fodtrack' system to control the array and wonder how it will work with Orbitron. I already use WISPDDE driver for controlling my radio. The rotators are simple but will have feed back pots, just wondering if everything will work togther, I know that WISPDDE shows a fodtrack link so I amhoping everything will work. But I would like to know before I start building
Angus 2E0BAT

Question Amm1UK
IP: 88.107.99.*
2006-02-09 23:16 UTC
Id: #551
Hi Sebastion.

I did what you said and checked the RA/Dec of Orbitron and the other commercial software (Redshift 5.1 Delux). Both programs are running on the same UTC and the exact same TLE's but the RA/Dec are showing different data. For example; this evening at 22.43pm UTC 9th February, Orbitron is showing RA 434, Dec 70.43. Redshift is showing RA 651, Dec 21.49. Orbitron is showing ISS going through MEN (Mensa) Redshift CMA (Canis Major).

Information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2006-02-09 13:04 UTC
Id: #550
Amm1uk: Please compare RA/Decl data presented by Orbitron and other application. Maybe the difference is caused by other algorithms (atmosphere refraction inclusion or so).

Cool Austin
IP: 143.166.226.*
2006-02-08 12:01 UTC
Id: #549
I'm curious to know if there is a way to make Orbitron work thru proxy server? I like to have it running in the background on my work PC, but have to manually download the TLE file because of my company's proxy.

Question Amm1uk
IP: 88.107.105.*
2006-02-05 17:09 UTC
Id: #548

The Orbitron tracking software lets you know what constellation the Iss is travelling through. I have Orbitron but I also have the commercial software called "Redshift 5" (Delux)latest version. I can actually track and view the Iss going through the constellations on Redshift. I find a conflict of information here! Today, at 16.50pm U.T.C on Sunday 04th February 2006, Orbitron data is showing the Iss travelling through "Crater" (CRT). Redshift is showing that the Iss is travelling through "Leo" Both Orbitron and Redshift are using the same up-to-date TLE's. Can you explain this anomaly.? If Orbitron and Redshift are using the exact TLE's and the same U.T.C,then how can the Iss be travelling in different constellations?

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