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Cool Michel / F1src / email
IP: 82.255.34.*
2006-02-02 22:15 UTC
Id: #546
Hello Sebastian,
Great software, simple but with full option.
Have a nice day, thank's a lot.

Information Oliver DG6BCE / email
IP: 192.171.1.*
2006-02-02 13:07 UTC
Id: #545
Hi Sebastian,
thanks for this fine tool!!
One proposal for a future feature: Applying a "visability horizont" to the "radar view" would be an interesting feature. Sometimes, there are obstacles (buildings) in a certain direction that blocks the direct view to a satellite. I use an plastic sheet as overlay on my screen at the moment.
73/greetings de Oliver DG6BCE

Just comment Amm1UK
IP: 88.107.104.*
2006-02-01 22:48 UTC
Id: #544

Just downloaded your latest version of Orbitron and it's great!
However, I am disapointed that there are no radio horizons to display over the countries in the form of circles like Nasa and other software. Perhaps it's something you could add.

Many Thanks.

Just comment Joe
IP: 198.103.22.*
2006-02-01 22:15 UTC
Id: #543
Very Nice Work ! Truly a fine tool.

Question? Is there a "zoom" feature possible? Handy when trying to isolate closely spaced satellites, particularly in the Geo-Synch belt.

Information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 83.8.131.*
2006-01-24 13:07 UTC
Id: #542
Arthur, AOS notification is for all tracked objects. So, now there are no extensions for this option.

Just comment CROATIA , SPLIT
IP: 83.131.137.*
2006-01-23 21:43 UTC
Id: #541
Cool i hope there will be more people than there is at the moment!!

Just comment Arthur from the Netherlands
IP: 84.82.225.*
2006-01-23 21:35 UTC
Id: #540
Thanks Sebastian, can you also tell me how I can let the sound play only when there is a satellite that is visual for me, and ignore the other ones?

Information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2006-01-23 06:56 UTC
Id: #539
About 'chat meetings'. As I see, Its often happen that there are no people at the meeting... I'll try to promote my online chat in some ways...

Information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2006-01-23 06:51 UTC
Id: #538
Arthur, AOS sound option allow Orbitron to play sound when satellite's AOS is detected (AOS = Acquisition Of Signal).

You can load all TLE files at one moment by pressing LOAD TLE button and selecting all files to load...

Information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2006-01-23 06:46 UTC
Id: #537
Arek, Taka możliwość jest planowana, jakkolwiek, na razie brak czasu na zmiany w porgramie :(

Just comment Arthur from the netherlands
IP: 84.82.225.*
2006-01-22 17:55 UTC
Id: #536
hello, can anyone tell me if there is a file to download which contains all possible sattelites.
Thanks in advance.
(Maybe it is a stupid question, forgive me, I'm a beginner)

Just comment Arthur from the netherlands
IP: 84.82.225.*
2006-01-22 10:23 UTC
Id: #535
Can canyone tell me what the AOS sound means?

Just comment QUESTION
IP: 83.131.140.*
2006-01-21 19:55 UTC
Id: #534
Why isnt there anyone on chat when the meetings are setled??

Just comment Arek / www
IP: 83.28.10.*
2006-01-21 14:18 UTC
Id: #533
czkoda że ORBITRON niema opcji przewidywania tranzytów satelit na tle słoońca lub księzyca

Information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 83.8.84.*
2006-01-20 19:59 UTC
Id: #532
Sky chart is planned but free time is not on my side ;(

Just comment Sergey Belyakov
IP: 81.20.98.*
2006-01-19 15:56 UTC
Id: #531
Sorry for my English! I hope you understand me.
When do you will do the program release with the sky chart?
По-русски. Уважаемый Себастьян! Когда появится версия программы с картой звездного неба?

Cool XM5
IP: 70.26.91.*
2006-01-19 04:58 UTC
Id: #530
Figured it out... it's in the GEO category! DOH!

Information XM5
IP: 70.26.91.*
2006-01-19 00:24 UTC
Id: #529
What category do the EchoStar DBS satellites fall into? I have been searching the TLE file but can't seem to find it. Does Orbitron have them in one of the files or must I import the data and if so how?



Just comment Łukasz / email
IP: 83.19.75.*
2006-01-18 13:45 UTC
Id: #528
Co jest potrzebne do prowadzenia nasłuchu sygnałów z satelit?? Proszę o informację.

Just comment Claude BRUNET / email
IP: 213.103.208.*
2006-01-18 04:08 UTC
Id: #527
Felicitation pour ce site remarquablement bien fait, et on ne peut plus simple d'utilisation.
Amlitiés françaises au(x) concepteur(s).

Just comment ANSWER
IP: 83.131.137.*
2006-01-14 23:09 UTC
Id: #526
nah man!!
Orbitron its just to track sattelites!!
No man you cant watch your house with it!!

Just comment hotburger / email
IP: 213.16.43.*
2006-01-14 21:31 UTC
Id: #525
ei man
i can do nothing with orbitrone , i don't know i dawm think about it and it seem like it's some kind of shit that is maybe couse i've not registered yet , but what can i do with him can i watch my house with orbitrone

Just comment Zygmunt Zarówny / email
IP: 83.144.78.*
2006-01-10 21:28 UTC
Id: #524
Witam Pana i życzę wszelkiej pomyślności w Nowym Roku. A ponadto proszę o uzupełnienie świetnego Orbitrona predykcją dla Księżyca, tzn. potraktowania go jak każdego satelity Ziemi. Słuchacze sygnałów odbitych od Księżyca muszą planować wcześniej terminy nasłuchów tych sygnałów (tzw."okna łączności")w zależności od widoczności Księżyca i dlatego predykcja jest konieczna. Entuzjastów EME jest coraz więcej, ja też się tym zainteresowałem. Jest to elita światowego któtkofalarstwa satelitarnego ze względu na własności sprzętu (duże anteny, precyzja naprowadzania tych anten, ekstra niskoszumne wzmacniacze sygnału odbitego, odbiór sygnałów o poziomie szumu - a nawet 100-krotnie (20 dB) słabszych od szumu przy pomocy programu WSJT - cudo techniki odbiorczej!). Predykcja Księżyca może znacznie rozszerzyć obszar stosowania Orbitrona. Pozdrawiam Pana serdecznie. ZZ

Just comment Fuser / email
IP: 151.100.25.*
2006-01-09 18:12 UTC
Id: #523
is there someone that can help me to resolve the problem of multipple tracking ? I need to automatize the rx of five satellite so how i can do ?
I ve a controlle that use DDE with a parallel port connected with orbitron and ARSSWIN

Cool Shanka
IP: 59.92.159.*
2006-01-09 16:31 UTC
Id: #522
Oribitron is a great tool! Sebastian you have done a great job.

Before Orbitron it was hard to track satellites and I had to look towards sky for hours, hoping I would see one. But now I even know the name of the passing satellite!!!

Tracking satellites is really amazing. The most beautiful experience is that of watching ISS.

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