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Just comment Arek / www
IP: 83.28.14.*
2006-01-04 14:44 UTC
Id: #521
czy w orbitronie bedzi można sprawdzić przeloty satelit GALILEO ?? a bynamiej tej pierwszej ??

Just comment LZ1KKA / email
IP: 212.104.96.*
2006-01-04 12:47 UTC
Id: #520


Information Götz
IP: 84.189.42.*
2006-01-04 11:18 UTC
Id: #519
Rotor controller needed
I like Orbitron so much, I want to patch a Yaesu 5400 satellite rotor to the software.
Bret C

Bret, have a look at
hope this helps Goetz

Cool Pavel OK2FRP / email
IP: 83.208.137.*
2006-01-03 14:57 UTC
Id: #518
Hi Sebastian! Thank you for your Orbitron!It is great! I have already send to you my postcard. Happy New Year!
Pavel OK2FRP

Question unknown
IP: 83.131.128.*
2006-01-02 10:58 UTC
Id: #517
Can I make my own sattelite in TLE to track?

Cool Sasha
IP: 80.180.141.*
2006-01-01 08:43 UTC
Id: #516
Hi Sebastian

Happy new year 2006

Just comment Bret C - AC0AE / email
IP: 24.116.233.*
2005-12-31 20:53 UTC
Id: #515
Rotor controller needed
I like Orbitron so much, I want to patch a Yaesu 5400 satellite rotor to the software.
What systems are available either manufactured or kit form that will allow me to do this? I have gone to the AMASAT web site for information. I learned the three companies who offered adaptors between the rotor controller and computer are no longer offering such devices. Please point me in a direction.
Bret C

Cool Ignatius Setyo W / email
IP: 61.94.167.*
2005-12-31 00:59 UTC
Id: #514
Thanks, and i tried send my card for you.
Verry happines and Happy new year 2006.

Just comment Przemo / email
IP: 84.10.118.*
2005-12-29 20:08 UTC
Id: #513
hej, jestem na czacie.....i nikogo nie widać :(. A mam kilka pytań; nie wiem praktycznie nic o nasłuchu, czy może mi ktoś podpowiedzieć jaki minimalny sprzęt nalezy posiadać aby słyszeć rozmowy kosmonautów podczas spaceru na zewnątrz (jeśli jest to możliwe?)i odbierać sygnały wybranych satelitów; czy np.: HST nadaje jakieś sygnały radiowe, które można usłyszeć, zarejestrować? Dziękuję za pomoc :)

Just comment Elentirmo
IP: 80.66.159.*
2005-12-28 17:24 UTC
Id: #512
Happy New Year, Sebastian!

Information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-12-28 13:00 UTC
Id: #511
Piotr, na czacie cos ostatnio cienko, malo uczestnikow :(
Co do NASA, to nie mam zadnych informacji, jakkolwiek Orbitron byl/jest uzywany w kilku 'powaznych' instytucjach :)

Just comment piotr / email
IP: 83.30.82.*
2005-12-25 14:54 UTC
Id: #510
czy nasa korzysta z orbitiona???

Question piotr / email
IP: 83.30.82.*
2005-12-25 14:53 UTC
Id: #509
czemu nikogo niema na czacie?

Question unknown
IP: 83.131.133.*
2005-12-22 19:57 UTC
Id: #508
why there isnt anyone on the chat at 20:00??
Im connecting on chat everyday and no one shows!

Information Mario
IP: 83.11.0.*
2005-12-17 08:35 UTC
Id: #507
Piotr, Pisz śmiało :)

Question piotr / www / email
IP: 83.30.115.*
2005-12-16 17:33 UTC
Id: #506
czy ktoś pisze po polsku ???mam problem

Information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-12-09 13:18 UTC
Id: #505
PE1RKE, Orbitron allows you to track Sun or Moon by rotor. Preparing TLE for stars is not possible, but I have idea to let users track astronomical objects by specyfing its RA and Decl (maybe in next big release of Orbitron).

Information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-12-09 13:15 UTC
Id: #504
Orbitron is designed to keep your settings when updating. Promlems may occur during skiping form version 2.x to 3.x...

Question Torsten
IP: 84.151.12.*
2005-12-08 15:06 UTC
Id: #503
Hello Sebastian,
thank you for the great tool "Orbitron". I'm an enthused and (of course) registered user of orbitron for a longer time now. Since you are very assiduous in improving the tool more and more, I was wondering if there is an easy possibility to install a new version of Orbitron without loosing all my settings from the old version. Any idea?

Keep on your great work!
Regards Torsten

Cool PE1RKE / email
IP: 62.45.253.*
2005-12-06 22:42 UTC
Id: #502
At 21:37 UTC (22:37 LOCAL) the sattelite GPS BIIRM-01 was at Elev 44° and Azim 270° and there was no sign of it on my gps. The other sattelites were on the positions predicted by Orbitron.

Just comment PE1RKE
IP: 62.45.253.*
2005-12-06 14:20 UTC
Id: #501
In gps-ops.txt there is no PRN-number for the sattelite with the name GPS BIIRM-01.
Is it possible to add the WAAS-sattelites to gps-ops.txt (the sattelites with the high PRN-numbers)? I think they are always at the same position.

The sun and the moon and real bright stars are a good reference to point an antenna in the right direction. Is it possible to make an extra tle-file for the sun and the moon and some bright stars?

Question Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 83.25.142.*
2005-12-03 12:21 UTC
Id: #500
Sam, what you mean?

Information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 83.25.142.*
2005-12-03 12:20 UTC
Id: #499
Carl, Orbitron uses map with mercator projection. Each degree of latitude or longitude is equal in pixels.

Question sam / email
IP: 203.186.238.*
2005-12-03 12:17 UTC
Id: #498
just how can you let the satellite objects sync with time?

Information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 83.25.142.*
2005-12-03 12:15 UTC
Id: #497
Alex, please update your TLE files.

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