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Cool Echo
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-07-19 12:01 UTC
Id: #371
Boris, Probably you will se some kind of shape. To know which results are available for telescope look this

Just comment Boris
IP: 83.234.47.*
2005-07-19 10:50 UTC
Id: #370
Hello, peoples! Anybody see ISS in binocular? Is it possible? Which parameters must have a binocular?

Just comment Boris
IP: 83.234.47.*
2005-07-15 12:46 UTC
Id: #369
Let me say a :"Thanks!" to you for yours program! It is a best designed programm in the whole computing world! You are not only a cool programmer but also a nice designer :-) Thanks a lot!!!

Cool Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-07-15 05:33 UTC
Id: #368
Boris, Ok. I'll recognize is double clicking on viewport coliding with other features of interface or not. If not I'll add such shortcut :)

Just comment Boris
IP: 83.234.47.*
2005-07-14 13:33 UTC
Id: #367
Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2 (1 not F1). I know about this... ;-) But....Double clicking... mouse... Sorry... Just an ask..... And... You are a real the BEST MEN in the WORLD (whole world)!!!!!!!!!!

Information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-07-14 11:01 UTC
Id: #366
Boris, As I'm planning to add some more viewports, fast switching can be done by pressing Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2 (1 not F1).

Just comment Boris
IP: 83.234.47.*
2005-07-14 10:49 UTC
Id: #365
Hello, Mr. The Best Men in the World :-) Sebastian, hello from Russia! Sorry... but can you do a little thing? When look at MAP or on the RADAR that we are can switch between this by clicking a mouse on a screen...Double clickin?

Just comment Flavio Deppe / www / email
IP: 200.19.65.*
2005-07-12 17:51 UTC
Id: #364
Dear Stoff I downloaded the soft. today. I should do the configurations for local use. I hope I will be another user. Thanks Deppe

Information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-07-12 05:36 UTC
Id: #363
Gianni, Thanks for report. I'll check it and correct.

Cool Gianni
IP: 80.180.140.*
2005-07-11 16:55 UTC
Id: #362
Hi Sebastian, I found a little bug, when hour separator is not : but . Orbitron display only seconds in time simulation input window, ie: 45._._ at place of 10:05:45 OS: Windows xp pro sp2 All the rest is great.

Important information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-07-07 09:10 UTC
Id: #361
'Multi location' feature is planned for next big release.

Just comment Wouter PE4WJ / www / email
IP: 130.161.73.*
2005-07-06 13:58 UTC
Id: #360
Hi Sebastian, many thanks for this marvellous piece of software. Would it be possible to include display of multiple groundstations on the world map, including their coverage circles?

Information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-07-06 12:17 UTC
Id: #359
Orbitron is not commercial project, so I see time and hardware problems with that idea. Maybe receiving nice PDA from a sponsor could motivate me to do that ;)

Just comment Harrie / email
IP: 81.70.171.*
2005-07-06 07:05 UTC
Id: #358
Mr. Stoff, Please make it usable for pda. you will make me, and many others peoples happy !! Its a very very nice programm. greetz from de north of holland

Just comment Jan.B
IP: 62.87.250.*
2005-07-01 19:52 UTC
Id: #357
Sebo to mistrz.To jest arcydzieło. Pozdrawiam.

Just comment Ricardo V Lopes / www / email
IP: 200.163.166.*
2005-06-28 21:59 UTC
Id: #356
Orbitron works fine under Linux with wine! Take a look on Thanks for Orbitron run ok on Linux

Information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-06-27 10:01 UTC
Id: #355
Peter: Reading co-ordinates from a GPS receiver is on "to do" list, but I have no idea when free time lets me do it.

Just comment LearnMore
IP: 203.162.12.*
2005-06-25 03:56 UTC
Id: #354
Thank you very much about the program, I've learn so many thing from you. Once again, thank you my friend!

Just comment Peter May / email
IP: 220.236.35.*
2005-06-24 09:32 UTC
Id: #353
Very nice app. Is there plans to include a means of reading your position co-ordinates from a GPS receiver.

Question Alexandre Souza (Brazil) / www / email
IP: 201.29.245.*
2005-06-22 19:20 UTC
Id: #352
Sebastian, what about a "FAQ" with simple questions (who may have complicated answers) like "How can I setup a small telescope to view orbitron-tracked objects from my location" or "how can I set-up a reciving station for audio/video/telemetry/etc data from the satelites I can see" and so on? For me, everything is great and orbitron is a GREAT tool/toy. But I'm not fully aware of how satelites works, and I'd love to know more, but don't know how to ask/search. Congratulations for a great work and greetings from Brazil!

Information Edek
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-06-22 05:51 UTC
Id: #351
Terry, Please use 'Prediction' panel to generate visible passes using conditions from 'Prediction settings'...

Just comment terry
IP: 62.255.32.*
2005-06-21 14:34 UTC
Id: #350
Is there anyway to set up the programme so it can tell me what is due to be visible in my location?

Just comment terry
IP: 62.255.32.*
2005-06-21 07:55 UTC
Id: #349
Thanks Sebastian, seems that the UTC was running at 2.00 rather than the 1.00 for my location near London. All seems fine now, time for me to send a postcard.

Information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-06-21 05:41 UTC
Id: #348
If TLE data were the same, answer is one. Please make sure that time is synchronized on both machines and verify time zone information in Windows (clock properties). It could be that UTC shifts detected on both machines are different in case of wrong system settings.

Just comment terry
IP: 62.255.32.*
2005-06-20 18:07 UTC
Id: #347
I have downloaded your fine programme and have it running on two separate computers. To check the programme I had it running alongside wintrak which I already have. On my main pc which runs winxp it works great and shows the same info on screen as wintrak, However on my laptop which is also winxp the satellite is shown as being around 2000 miles further east than on my main pc. Both computers are running the same TLE file and both are set up the same, have you any ideas please as to what is happening.

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