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Cool Geoff
IP: 65.81.219.*
2005-04-30 02:25 UTC
Id: #322
Yes, I got it! Amazing how a problem can be so simple to solve sometimes. I couldn't get world map to change after downloads - duh - unlock and it works. This program is just what a ham like me needs for attemting ISS qso's. Your the man SS. Thanks

Just comment Stu
IP: 4.14.74.*
2005-04-27 19:40 UTC
Id: #321
Thanks! That was very helpful.

Information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-04-27 04:16 UTC
Id: #320
Stu, AOS counter is on "to do" list. Doppler shift is calculated from relative velocity of object (RRt - Range Rate). Please read for details.

Just comment Stu / email
IP: 4.14.74.*
2005-04-26 20:51 UTC
Id: #319
Thanks! That will be very helpful. Is it possible to display the time until the next pass in the tracking screen? (Perhaps in the satellite data window on the right?) The predict function provides the information, but it's nice to have the live data for the next pass count down. That way, the user can tell how long he/she has to wait for the next pass just by looking at the tracking screen. The radar screen in the lower right further characterizes the upcoming path. Do you have a reference I can read to learn how the doppler shift is calculated? Is RRt or vel used to calculate the shift? Thank you so much for a great program. This is very well done! I love the screen saver and the notification.In fact, the alarm just sounded. Time to go work somebody. Stu, W7IY

Information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-04-25 01:46 UTC
Id: #318
Stu, now its possible to set downlink/uplink frequencies with precision up to 1 kHz. Idea to let it be more precise is good, I'll correct it in one of future releases.

Just comment Stu / email
IP: 4.14.74.*
2005-04-23 07:57 UTC
Id: #317
Is there a way to enter more precise frequency information in the uplink/downlink radio control window. It seems to truncate the number to 3 decimal places. I need an offset that is 1.86 KHz for the doppler calculations to be correct. (Not sure why, but the downlink frequency for JAS-2 needs to be 1.86Khz higher. Perhaps it has to do with an offset in my TS-2000?) Thanks. Stu

Information Mick
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-04-22 08:29 UTC
Id: #316
Jerry, just choose your location (F3) then use prediction tab (F6) or check radar (Ctrl+2)...

Just comment Jerry
IP: 200.88.30.*
2005-04-21 23:34 UTC
Id: #315
I am new to the world of sattracking, I want to know when the ISS goes over my city, and how to set my telescope to best view it. I am in a Caribbean Island, the Dominican Republic. I guess I know how Orbitron works, but a little more info can't hurt.

Information Echo
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-04-15 01:55 UTC
Id: #314
Ref Baron, maybe you should try to ask for permission to put dish on the roof?!

Question Echo
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-04-15 01:50 UTC
Id: #313
Geoff, are you trying to change map by Setup (Alt+F5)? Or in other way? Please tell us more details...

Cool Geoff (KI4HRF)
IP: 216.76.237.*
2005-04-15 01:17 UTC
Id: #312
I LOVE THIS SOFTWARE!!!!!!! Thanks for your time and effort. One question, I cannot change the map on world view no matter how many different maps I try. It will not even allow me to try and change it. Any advice would be most helpful.

Question Ref Baron
IP: 69.132.45.*
2005-04-14 09:00 UTC
Id: #311
I live in a condo that doesn't allow Satellite Dishes, or at least severely limits their installation. There is something called a "limited common area" that is for my exclusive use only and I'm told that if the dish extends (even an inch) beyond that area (off the balcony) into the air, it's now in the common area and I can't install the dish. Problem is, it would have to extend a couple inches out in order to mount the dish and see the Satellite. Is there any way I can fight this?

Important information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-03-29 01:19 UTC
Id: #310
Tony: Registry keys you are talking about are for debugging and statistic purposes. Only information that goes out from Orbitron to Internet are when you are checking for new version and messages (you can avoid using this option) and its REQUIRED for Orbitron Server for proper work (messages customization or so)... Almost all values from registry are used internally by your computer!

Question Yan / email
IP: 82.3.32.*
2005-03-29 00:15 UTC
Id: #309
um...i would like to ask how can i take a photo via a satellite... and does anyone got a like a 'user manual' for this software?? thx!!!

Uncool Tony
IP: 80.180.140.*
2005-03-28 15:32 UTC
Id: #308
What's scope of following registry keys: CloseCount RunCount RunCountA RunTimeA UserId UserPath It's for trace use of program?=Spyware

Cool Luis Costa / email
IP: 213.58.73.*
2005-03-27 16:13 UTC
Id: #307
Mr. Sebastian Stof One more time I thank the gorgeous Orbitron program to you I wait more evolution on the same I judge that it will be possible to bind software A voice information when the satellite if is to approach of our sight!!

Just comment Metalhead
IP: 69.30.157.*
2005-03-24 07:44 UTC
Id: #306
Hello Sebastian! I'm nearing 100 observations for this month! I do keep a log file of my sightings. The problem I have is with some unidentified satellites. I did attempt to pinpoint these by manually by going through the 'catalog.txt' file. THAT is a pain in the butt!!!! I also tried to find the unidentified satellites in 'mccants.tle', but once again no results.'s TLE files sucks! All satellites are mixed! Have you thought about confronting this problem? I do love your program. It's the best. I hope that you would truly consider adding these filters: [ ] Only show satellites with this magnitude or less: [ ] Only show satellites with this altitude or less: This would make Orbitron even more powerful than it already is. You have made the best satellite tracking program ever, and most of all it is not UGLY like all others :) Please do consider this. These added would be very helpful for more detailed, and precise observations! :)

Just comment Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-03-23 01:28 UTC
Id: #305
You can found Sirius satellites, by pressing LOAD TLE and choose "other-comm.txt" or "geo.txt" file, good luck.

Just comment Zuly / email
IP: 69.195.23.*
2005-03-22 15:59 UTC
Id: #304
Which Satellites are the Sirius ones ?

Just comment Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-03-15 04:57 UTC
Id: #303
Bruce: Every postcard are welcome with smile.
Miguel: I'll recognize problem of squint angle...

Just comment Miguel / email
IP: 81.9.176.*
2005-03-14 16:09 UTC
Id: #302
Hola Sebastian, My congratulations again for the program. It would be very necessary to know the "Squint" angle for the satellites of very elliptic orbit. 73 de Miguel, EA1BCU

Just comment Bruce / email
IP: 68.41.183.*
2005-03-14 09:36 UTC
Id: #301
I noticed decaying object info over at Space Track, and wondered if anyone has a GUI for those of us with "limited understanding" to be able to have a reasonable chance of looking in the right direction at about the right time to see the "shooting star" or perhaps something of this nature could be built in to orbitron!? Oh, and Mr. Stoff, though I don't live right in it, do you really want a postcard from Detroit??? :-)

Just comment Bruce / email
IP: 68.41.183.*
2005-03-14 09:14 UTC
Id: #300
Thank-you, friend!

Information Mario
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-03-14 02:00 UTC
Id: #299
Just download three line files and unpack them to Orbitron\TLE directory. You can also use new TLE Updater from Orbitron 3.50 (beta stage) to do it automatically :)

Just comment Bruce / email
IP: 68.41.183.*
2005-03-13 19:47 UTC
Id: #298
OK, folks, now I have my account cleared and suspect I want the bulk data page that has both two line and three line element files. So now what do I do?

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