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Garry/From Canada2004-11-15 22:52 UTC
To Sebastian, your Orbitron program is the best out on the Internet. I think it is very well thought out, and works the way one would expect. I find it very simple to use and it looks so smart running on my computer screen. Any upgrades that you may come up with in the future will be a benefit to all of us lucky people out here that are now using your program. I hope you know that this program is bringing a lot of pleasure and relaxation to thousands around the world. I would like to take the time now to say thank you Sebastian for your effort and will keep in touch for anything new coming from you.

Kozak2004-11-11 20:57 UTC
Fantastycznie,dzięki osobiste oraz grupowe w imieniu IRG(Independent Researche Group)Torun.Sąsiad z ulicy Rydygiera

Yaevin2004-11-06 13:16 UTC
Fajny Program Podoba mi się takiego czegoś szukałem Super!! Pozdrawiam...

Sebastian Stoff2004-11-04 08:52 UTC
Hi Matt. Feature you request are still on my "to do" list. So, I dont forget about it. One day I'll do it, but as I see not soon, sorry :(

Matt Ryan VK2KVE AU2004-11-04 05:26 UTC
Hi Sebastian - Orbitron is a wonderful product. It is full featured and easy to use. I Know you can track the sun and the moon... however I am thinking about the potential Orbitron has to be used to guide a small AZ/EL radio telescope.... I mentioned this to you a long time ago, and I was wondering if you had given the matter anymore thought. It would involve having a small library of astronomical objects, or at least the facility to be able to input RA and DE and have Orbitron track the object at a sidereal rate. Can I ask you to please consider this enhancement? I think it would make Orbitron a superb program!! thanking you.

Sebastian Stoff2004-11-03 07:57 UTC
Its great news! Thanks to everyone who propagate Orbitron to new users :)

Ahmed Nabiel Mohamme2004-11-02 13:05 UTC
It is raelly an amusent & useful software... it bacame so popular here in Iraq.. thanks for the producer...

max2004-10-30 20:26 UTC
mute_mute_mute Turn off: setup->Miscellaneous->AOS notification->Play sound

mute_mute_mute2004-10-29 13:13 UTC
how do you turn off those annoying sounds it makes every few seconds?!

Richard Hatalski2004-10-28 03:33 UTC
Sebastian, thanks a million for the great satelite tracking program. I love it for my Ham radio use. You did a excellent job, and I am really impressed. My fathers family is from your country of Poland, and hope to get there some day foer a visit. Thanks again, Richard Hatalski ND4Z Gilbert, S.C. U.S.A.

maxim-brest2004-10-24 23:03 UTC
9 ekspedycia z ISS szczesliwje powrocila na Ziemie!

Alvaro Tejada2004-10-22 21:24 UTC
You should try to make Orbitron easyer to understand.

Riccardo, Italy2004-10-21 19:59 UTC
An excellent software, thank you Sebastian !!!

Francis - Italy2004-10-19 12:33 UTC
Very good program for a sky-watcher like me. The past summer, I observed a satellite passing upon the country and your program was very useful to trace it. Best regards Francis

Czeslaw2004-10-17 10:38 UTC
Sebastjan, Dziekuje za dobry program !. Zaczyna to mnie interesowac ... !. 73, czeslaw DJ0MAQ=SP3FUK

Aussie User2004-10-17 07:03 UTC
New time server for Australia. Current one is not working....

Sasha2004-10-15 19:52 UTC
Hi Sebastian I found little bug in insertion time for simulation (main window), only seconds are displyed ie: 34._._ missing hours and minutes. (Orbitron 3.12)

HAmy2004-10-12 13:44 UTC
T_T.... I use linux.

Sergio Mazzi Brazil2004-10-09 20:59 UTC
Sebastian, congratulations!!! Brazilian Skies, atention !!!

Leszek sp1mvd2004-10-09 12:26 UTC
Wlasnie zainstalowalem - Pozdrawiam wszystkich Leszek Szczecin

Marcin2004-10-07 18:26 UTC
swietny program!!najlepszy jaki do tej pory testowalem!juz mialem okazje obserwowac ISS wyczajona dzieki temu programikowi;) dobrze ze jeszcze jest ktos kto nie chce tylko zarabiac a pomoc osobom takim jak ja

Neven2004-10-06 13:37 UTC
Perfect program for satellite tracking. Only the horizon view is missing. Sebastian, congratulation! 73

kopcia@wp.pl2004-10-06 01:30 UTC
Właśnie zainstalowałem nowsza wersję Orbitrona. Dobrze jest popatrzeć jak naszymi głowami latają satelity. Pozdro dla wszystkich z Żar.

grzesiulek@op.pl2004-10-06 01:07 UTC
Czesc, zainstalowalem sobie Orbitrona, ale tradycyjnie nie wiem o co chodzi :(

Robert2004-09-29 12:32 UTC
To sa moje poczatki ale program bardzo mi sie podoba. Pozdrowienia z Wałbrzycha na Dolnym Slasku

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