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Georges ARDEME2004-12-29 07:11 UTC
Hello Sebastian , i have send you a postcard from Tahiti few days before and you'll receive it in the next days . Happy New Year and Orbitron works very well. Georges. FO5NE

Sergey Belyakov2004-12-28 20:57 UTC
Happy new year, Sebastian! Thank you for the program. Thanks from Russia!

Sebastian Stoff2004-12-28 16:07 UTC
So, enjoy the forum ;) Happy New year to all Orbitron users :)

Martin2004-12-28 15:42 UTC
Well...I ddin'r open the proper is OK! And stil: all the best in 2005!

Martin2004-12-28 15:41 UTC
Hi Sebastian, did you give up with forum? Let's continue, we need it, OK? Happy New year!

Sebastian Stoff2004-12-27 09:13 UTC
It's hard to tell you where the problem is. But... Please remember to keep your TLE updated, PC clock synchronized and set your location coordinates precise.

\m/ Metalhead \m/2004-12-27 03:26 UTC
I'm referring to 3.14. 3.13 was fine. Does anyone else have this problem?

\m/ Metalhead \m/2004-12-25 15:50 UTC
Orbitron seems to be behind the actual time of a satellite's pass. I watch the approach on obitron, and then I go outside, but they are already gone. Also PROGRESS, and SOYUZ are not included! It's been day light for 45 minutes, but Orbitron still shows it to be a bit dark. Why? My time is correct!

Myrton - N1GKE2004-12-21 09:51 UTC
Just the best invention since cold beer and hot pizza! Really works very nice and has tons of information. Thank you so much Sebastian ! Very 73 from Rhode Island, USA.

Sebastian Stoff2004-12-20 08:56 UTC
Hi Georges! I have no postcard from TAHITI, can you send one for me? Cheers!

Guy Law2004-12-20 01:53 UTC
Excellent program, enjoying it a lot. Thanks for all your effort. Postcard is on the way!! Regards, Guy Law Kippa-Ring Queensland Australia S 27.13 E 153.04

Rafael Romero2004-12-18 17:22 UTC
Buen trabajo Sabastian. Con la ayuda de Orbitron acabo de realizar una recepcion desde mi QTH IM77AJ y via radio (Un transceptor TH-D7 y antena de 2,5dBi) con el satelite AO-51 Saludos. EB67ECN. Good job Sebastian. With the orbitron's aid I've make a radio reception from my QTH IM77AJ to the AO-51 satellite (I use a TH-D7 transreciver and only 2,5dBi portable antenna)Best Regards. EB7ECN.

Georges2004-12-17 09:26 UTC
It's a wonderful system and here in TAHITI i apreciate it very well as hamradio . Thank you very much .

Runamuk2004-12-15 16:08 UTC
Here is a working NTP server for Australia. - Could you please include it in the next version.

Mike2004-12-13 19:01 UTC
Thanks for the reply regarding our security software. It appears that the software may be mis-interpreting. Interestingly, when the security software "blocked" the file, a message appeared saying that Orbitron was missing a file it needed to run and must be re-installed. This wasn't too much of an inconvenience, since it gave us an opportunity to upgrade to the newest Orbitron version, anyway. Thanks again for your kind reply and generous work with Orbtron.

Sebastian Stoff2004-12-13 11:55 UTC
Orbitron is FREE from any key logger or malicious code. I'm doing all I can to provide highest quality software to you. So probably alert from your security software is FAKE! Please contact application producer :)

Mike2004-12-13 00:02 UTC
When our security software checks Orbitron, it finds a key logger, which it calls spyware. Can you help us understand what is happening here? Many thanks.

Jerome2004-12-09 10:48 UTC
No problem, was just an idea. The program is worth carrying around a laptop ;)

Sebastian Stoff2004-12-08 08:36 UTC
Palm OS version?! No time, no hardware, sorry :(

Jerome2004-12-07 19:58 UTC
fantastic program, any plans to make a palm os version?

Magda z Wielkopolski2004-11-26 22:59 UTC
Fantastyczny program również dla tych, którzy chcą oderwać się od rzeczywistości.... Dla mnie jako amatorki absolutnej, trochę skomplikowany w ustawieniach (nie wiem gdzie szukać dokładnego czasu "rozbłysku" widocznej satelity... Ale wszystko można opanować. Bardzo wielkie dzięki za taki fantastyczny program, jak widać zdobywajacy popularność na całym świecie i warty rozpropagowania....

Sebastian Stoff2004-11-24 08:35 UTC
As I see, after editing notes data you must deselect active satellite then select it again to reload frequencies in Rotor/Radio panel. I'll do this operation automated in next release. Please be sure to keep notes data in standard described in {Orbitron}\Notes\00000.txt file.

Dave KK7SS2004-11-23 18:38 UTC
Sebastian, Great program - very intuitive. Postcard mailed "Air Mail" 11-15-04 :-) Question: I found out how to edit the satellite data to add/change a frequency, but how do I make that frequency the auto pick in the Radio window ?? Request: Any way to have the radio (ft-847) turned back to non-satellite mode upon exit from Orbitron?? 73

Iskandar Z, YC3PHC2004-11-20 06:47 UTC
Very good program for a ham radio to tracking amateur satellite. Your program was very useful to trace it. 73. Iskandar Zulkarnain, YC3PHC - INDONESIA

Garry/From Canada2004-11-15 22:52 UTC
To Sebastian, your Orbitron program is the best out on the Internet. I think it is very well thought out, and works the way one would expect. I find it very simple to use and it looks so smart running on my computer screen. Any upgrades that you may come up with in the future will be a benefit to all of us lucky people out here that are now using your program. I hope you know that this program is bringing a lot of pleasure and relaxation to thousands around the world. I would like to take the time now to say thank you Sebastian for your effort and will keep in touch for anything new coming from you.

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