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Bob Goodwin2004-07-01 19:06 UTC
Orbitron looks impressive once installed and running on my Red Hat 9 system. It would not install from Linux/Wine though, had to do that from W98. Install error "expand group?"

Olejniczak2004-07-01 14:56 UTC
Dziekuje bardzo!

Dark sky2004-06-25 22:34 UTC
Russian astronoms very vont watch the track iridium on star map GL in work.

AMRAD, AMSAT-CT2004-06-24 10:18 UTC
Excelente software. Uma ferramenta para motivar os jovens, na ciência e tecnologia espacial.

Nizam2004-06-19 22:26 UTC
Absolutely Amazing, keep up the good work. And by the way, Thank you very much for keeping it freeware.

Charly2004-06-19 07:38 UTC
Great Software - Keep up the good work ! Charly

Pavel2004-06-16 01:43 UTC
AAA!!! SUPER молодец!!!

Dave, K6RTA2004-06-13 03:30 UTC
Excellent software! Could prediction output be FIRST (AOS)line, instead of SECOND line, for advance scheduling purposes??? Will soon send Postcard!!

crapper2004-06-10 23:22 UTC
Pleas send mi setings for satelite HOTBEARD. My mail is admin (at)

Marcin, Wrocław2004-06-04 23:30 UTC
Kawał niesamowitej roboty!

Sebastian Stoff2004-06-04 07:47 UTC
Sky viewport with planets and stars are planned for one of next releases :)

Valerij, Russia2004-05-30 20:39 UTC
Veru and very good program, maby in next vertion you will add a planets, not only sattelites?

pin2004-05-27 21:14 UTC

Sebastian Stoff2004-05-27 08:04 UTC
Which data? Mostly form Internet, for example TLE comes from :)

Alex Bordei2004-05-25 16:44 UTC
Where do you get your data from? BTW : Surprising piece of software.

Jean-Pierre2004-05-24 17:42 UTC
Je viens de découvrir ce formidable outil. C'est absolument génial de mettre aussi simplement (et aussi efficacement) à disposition de tout un chacun, une telle somme de connaissances. Je vais le recommander à mes amis. Merci Sébastian.

LU6FPJ2004-05-20 23:38 UTC
Hi!, Greetings from Rosario city, Argentina congratulations for the Orbitron Software is very good!! Thank you very much. Sincerely Facundo LU6FPJ

Wolfgang2004-05-20 00:47 UTC
Hallo Sebastian, super programm. Sehr empfehlenswert! Postkarte und QSL kommt noch. Gruß aus Germany (Puettlingen) DK4XX

HAJO2004-05-19 04:12 UTC
Hallo Sepastian ein super Proggi beobachte immer die iss nur kann leider nichts mehr hören von oben .

Андрей2004-05-11 08:57 UTC
Программа просто супер.

Karl-Heinz2004-05-07 12:34 UTC
Hallo Sebastian Ein Super Programm hast Du da. Meinen herzlichen Dank. Die Postkarte kommt bestimmt. Viele Grüsse aus old germany

Geert PA0sng2004-05-03 20:33 UTC
Heel leuk programma

Mr.moony2004-05-03 20:32 UTC
Verry Nice Program!

Manu2004-05-02 04:49 UTC
Salut Sebastian! Ce logiciel est tout simplement magnifique, et vraiment trés utile. Sa simplicité est extraordinaire. Je l'utilise souvent pour mes observations... Continues comme ca c'est du bon travail! Thank you Sebastian! Manu

Sebastian Stoff2004-04-24 16:39 UTC
If information in Orbitron notes is not enought for you or not present please go to for satellite description.

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