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Krzyssztof2004-03-01 11:46 UTC
Bardzo mi sie podoba. 73! Krzysztof, OE1KDA

Sebastian Stoff2004-03-01 11:35 UTC
Moon tracking is already supported :)

Hornbyarius2004-03-01 10:54 UTC
Brilliant but would suggest option to track moon - after all it is a satellite.

McCants2004-02-28 00:09 UTC
The tles for classified objects are in the mccants file.

Anne2004-02-13 01:05 UTC
Good software--just missing some files for spy satellites, would make it bit interesting ;) 73 and thanks for the great job, Anne

UA0QGM2004-02-10 19:51 UTC

Testerjnc2004-02-06 02:11 UTC
That's great!... Thank so much.

Sergio M. Torres2004-02-04 18:32 UTC
Sem dúvida, uma maravilhosa ferramenta para quem admira e observa os céus. Impecável o programa. Sergio M. Torres - Ibiúna- Brasil

Gil,Renens Suisse2004-01-27 11:12 UTC
You have made a fantastic programme.I will be courios to Test Beta Version3. I wish you my best 73 Gil 1020 Renens. French part of Switzerland

DG1GSH Hans2004-01-23 20:53 UTC
Thank you Sebastian, it's a outstanding programm.

Leszek-SP3VZX2004-01-21 20:07 UTC
PROGRAM IS COOL - tak trzymać.

Carl M.Chernan2004-01-20 17:10 UTC
Great program Sebastian. I am using it to track AO-40 ,and it works great. Thanks for writing a program so Amateur Radio Operators can use.

denerville2004-01-11 15:12 UTC
extra ,ton programme pour moi,43 ans j'en revais etant petit.maintenant c'est pour mes enfants.

Thomas2004-01-01 18:21 UTC
Thank you Sebastian, I use GPS very often and it's facsinating to know where the satelites are. I have found your program helps with my education. Happy 2004!

Tobias2003-12-28 18:42 UTC
Otimo programa Sebastian, desejo felicidades para vc e que continue a desenvolver o Orbitron, são os mais sinceros votos do pessoal daqui do BRASIL. :-)

Marco Langbroek2003-12-23 23:13 UTC
Dear Sebastian, May I congratulate you on a magnificent piece of work! I have tried a number of tracking software, but yours is stunning! And I found it very accurate. And so easy to use. I used STS-plus for several months, but now will swich to Orbitron. Well done!

Pedro Afonso2003-12-03 01:21 UTC
dear Sebastian, I have no Words;You have a wonderfull program; I´ve discovered Ityesterday and I´m already addicted to It. Keep on the (Really) great work..:)))

Marcin Polska Olszty2003-11-24 22:31 UTC
Program jest ekstra :) Naprawdę na wysokim poziomie mam tylko jedne pytanko . Jak usłyszeć co¶ z stacji kosmicznej. napisz proszę

Ryszard2003-11-13 21:49 UTC
Program jest super - hiper i tak trzymać !!!

Justin2003-11-07 15:53 UTC
Your program is great! I have been actively tracking sattelites with it for several months now. I also would like to tell you that I am planning to use it for a project in the near future. [Thanks!!!]

Romano2003-10-29 11:49 UTC
Un programma facile ed intuitivo. Ottimo l'impatto grafico come l'affidabilità di calcolo. Migliorabile in alcuni frangenti.

pauluZ2003-10-23 00:24 UTC
Hello Seba! Nice program ;-) But you know about it, isn't it? Everybody knows! hehe

Sławek Toruń Poland2003-10-14 21:14 UTC

Lion King2003-10-11 00:40 UTC
hi Infoman U did it again, I tried banner mode and nightmode. it's doing great. Keep up the good work for Orbitron 3.0 :-)

wildace@interia.pl2003-10-10 11:07 UTC
naprawde super!!! soft

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