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pauluZ2003-03-09 18:22 UTC
I think, Orbitron is on the high, professional level of development;-) I'm waiting on the other languages support!

Gorver2003-03-08 22:13 UTC
Очень класная программа хорошо что я на неё наткунулся. Теперь я буду знать что и когда пролетает над моей головой. Большое спасибо разработчику что создал её.

SWL2003-03-04 18:52 UTC
Questo software ha un'impatto grafico notevole. Rispetto l'ormai diffuso InstantTrack non offre la possibilità di pilotare in remoto una scheda di inseguimento. In complesso un buon software che si impone su tutte le altre versioni Shareware. CONSIGLIATO. COMPLIMENTI ALL?AUTORE!

kamal2003-03-02 16:06 UTC
love the program, keep up

Sebastian Stoff2003-02-20 12:57 UTC
When you want to track new satellite (or update data of existing one) please go to Orbitron Setup (Alt+F5), choose TLE Updater and click the "Update group" icon. Details you can find in Orbitron help...

Matt VK2KVE2003-02-20 12:42 UTC
Thanks Sebastian... a wonderful program. A question... How soon is your program updated when a new satellite (eg amateur or whatever) is launched? (I presume this is done manually). Nice piece of work. []

Sebastian Stoff2003-02-17 12:19 UTC
Geosynchronous satellites has visual magnitudes about 13-15 (excluding flashes). They are only visible to big telescopes. Sources I have for satellite magnitudes doesn't provide these data. There are two GSTAR satellites (GEO.TXT) with magnitude data, please check it...

Pieter2003-02-16 18:29 UTC
And thanks for the nice program of course!!!

Pieter2003-02-16 18:29 UTC
Hi, I have a question: why is the magnitude of geosynchronous satellites not given? Thanks!

Bryan Swanson2003-02-14 17:14 UTC
Hello Sebastian! Love the program. I use it all the time. Postcard is on the way!!!

astronomia@wp.pl2003-02-13 23:08 UTC
bardzo fajny program gratulacje !

Alex iw0rvn radio-op2003-02-11 11:22 UTC
Hi Sebastian, i'm working on my new website, i'll link you on it. You will advise as soon . Tnks for your good job on Orbitron.

Paolo2003-02-09 16:42 UTC
Congratulations and thanks for Orbitron. Please tracking the Moon for EME. My Postcard is on the way.

Dale 2003-02-06 13:26 UTC
Hello! I'm happy you received my postcard from Little Falls, MN, USA. I tried to fit more information on there than it would hold. I hope the majority of my text was legible. Your program is excellent. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in satellite viewing. I think your inclusion of auto-update is extremely helpful when tracking satellites. It saves the time and hassle of manually updating the element files. Thanks for your kind words about the crew of the Columbia space shuttle. It means a lot to us here. I mirror your thoughts, we must continue the journey for all of our benefit. Best wishes to you.

Bruce2003-02-03 10:04 UTC
Congratulations and thanks for Orbitron. I have been using it since November 2002 and I thing it is the best satellite tracking program available. 148* 03' 14" E 22* 02' 26" S Moranbah, Queensland, Australia. BTW. My Postcard is on the way.

Bob Kay2003-02-02 17:06 UTC
I think that your program works extremely well. So glad you have taken the time to develope it. My families prayers go out to the families of the STS-107 crew, their mission shall not be forgotten. I do not believe that this will jepardize our space program... if anything it should make it stronger.

Lenny Schmidt2003-02-01 21:51 UTC

c. vansoeterstede2003-02-01 20:51 UTC
i'm very sad about the explosion of COLUMBIA and for the crew. i'm also afraid about the future of the human space flight... what about you ?

Lenny Schmidt2003-01-31 22:54 UTC
You should start a group on Yahoo Groups That would be way to let others know about this program and for users to help each other out and answer questions.

Alexander M Zoltai2003-01-28 05:37 UTC
Your Orbitron program is extremely well-done, well-designed and wonderfully useful!

Sebastian Stoff2003-01-26 23:17 UTC
It seems like Forum is already working :) Hope it will be useful for all Orbitron Users. I'm waiting for your opinions...

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