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Cool Metatron
IP: 85.248.4.*
2011-02-21 10:57 UTC
Id: #1039
Bravo my friend + 73 and well handled DX's

Cool Manuel - YV5MM / YW6ISS / email
IP: 190.75.128.*
2011-02-13 13:03 UTC
Id: #1038
Best 73 to all and thanks for helping me hunting the satellites. Manuel YV5MM / YW6ISS

Just comment VE1NMK
IP: 99.192.74.*
2011-02-13 06:14 UTC
Id: #1037
Excellent program!
Continued good luck to you!

Just comment 9Z4AJS - Anthony
IP: 190.213.140.*
2011-02-09 06:31 UTC
Id: #1036
Trinidad and Tobago

Cool Yeti7 / www / email
IP: 207.233.106.*
2011-02-02 02:32 UTC
Id: #1035
United States of America (USA)
great site! great program!


Just comment Ben Ho / email
IP: 222.106.234.*
2011-01-30 15:10 UTC
Id: #1034
South Korea
Thank you very much.
I really appreciate it.

Just comment Murilo / email
IP: 189.59.133.*
2011-01-26 16:17 UTC
Id: #1033
Great program!Congratulations.

Cool Fabio iw7ed / www / email
IP: 62.98.128.*
2011-01-25 14:38 UTC
Id: #1032
Very good Orbitron!!!!

Cool Mustafa Zaimah / email
IP: 96.28.213.*
2011-01-21 06:21 UTC
Id: #1031
United States of America (USA)
Great program my postcard is on the way, and I am still learning how to use it. Thanks very much.

Cool sean chuter / email
IP: 2.121.116.*
2011-01-16 02:01 UTC
Id: #1030
hay this a cool program lve it

Cool will / email
IP: 91.125.130.*
2011-01-13 21:10 UTC
Id: #1029
Dear Sebastian.
Thanks for making this super program available.
73 de Will

Cool Benni / www / email
IP: 83.215.139.*
2011-01-09 13:13 UTC
Id: #1028
Hallo Sebastian

Wunderschöne Grüße aus Österreich ich habe dieses Programm installiert und ich sprachlos begeistert ich habe noch nie so ein TOLLES Programm ausgeführt echt Respekt weil man sieht die Himmelsgrade also perfekt für mein 13 Zoll Dobson denn ich habe einen Finder, also Respekt :DD

Glg aus dem schönen Salzburg

Cool Sebastian / www / email
IP: 89.206.41.*
2011-01-07 16:03 UTC
Id: #1027
Hello. Orbitron I posted a blog Good program, good work. Regards.

Cool Mr.Laemchan Osiri / email
IP: 118.172.10.*
2011-01-07 05:04 UTC
Id: #1026
I'm stat reaning

Just comment Bill / email
IP: 174.18.114.*
2011-01-04 02:47 UTC
Id: #1025
United States of America (USA)
Not able to get program to have correct information on my vista computer, is correct on the XL.. compared settings reloaded program several times but always comes up with wrong information on the Vista. The XP is always correct.

Just comment Sergei, R1AA / email
IP: 109.205.249.*
2011-01-01 12:58 UTC
Id: #1024
Russian Federation
Greetings from St. Petersburg, Sebastian!

Orbitron is a very fine and handy software, undoubtedly.

I had first QSO via satellite RS6 at 1 January 1983 with SM5DYC station, my call was RA1AAX.
After long stop I’ll try continue our satellite way this year, hey…

All the best to You and Your family in 2011!

73 de Sergei, R1AA

Just comment cloud nine networks / www / email
IP: 114.79.141.*
2010-12-21 13:25 UTC
Id: #1023
cloud nine networks

Cool 李强 / email
IP: 119.96.0.*
2010-12-12 09:23 UTC
Id: #1022

Cool Foy Byrd / www / email
IP: 76.185.110.*
2010-12-02 15:56 UTC
Id: #1021
United States of America (USA)
Greetings Sebastian,
I am just beginning a new chapter in Amateur Radio after focusing on HF. I am constructing numerous satellite crossed yagi beams, duplexers, controllers, etc. I found this program to be very useful, especially the prediction section. Keep up the great work. I will post on my site the construction progress with some photos and builder’s plans for those who may have questions. I will also include a link to this very useful site.
Good Luck and Good Hunting.

Just comment vlada
IP: 93.86.174.*
2010-11-12 18:35 UTC
Id: #1020
Serbia (Yugoslavia)
this program is 5 years old and its still one of the best i have seen and tested.. it would really be nice if author of it would continue the project.. great anyway, thanks

Just comment Brian / KE7JIO / www
IP: 32.177.82.*
2010-11-10 22:44 UTC
Id: #1019
United States of America (USA)
Fantastic Program I am telling everyone I know about it and a few people here in Nevada have made Contact with the ISS keep up the Great Work.

Cool Vincent / email
IP: 88.163.10.*
2010-10-19 10:27 UTC
Id: #1018
Hello Sebastian,

Orbitron is very very good software tracking satellite for hamradio!!!! :-))))

Screenshot of the software Orbitron on the site of the famous ORBCOMM satellites! :-)) Hihi



Cool Grenn
IP: 99.164.84.*
2010-10-14 03:55 UTC
Id: #1017
United States of America (USA)
Just want to let you know that your software is very well known all over the world. I think you should come back to developing this application even more. With a 3D map, or a simulator for simulating passes from where people are located, via Google Earth and .kmz files. This program is amazing, and still has much more potential! Don't just leave it behind!!!!

Question Grenn
IP: 99.164.84.*
2010-10-14 03:48 UTC
Id: #1016
United States of America (USA)
Absolutely love Orbitron! I have tested MANY other satellite tracking programs, and none of them come close. Keep up the fantastic work! I look forward to seeing updates *cough cough* *imply imply*.

Cool Vitor Sossai 'Batista' / email
IP: 189.14.202.*
2010-09-27 00:11 UTC
Id: #1015
Thanks, man!
I always use the Orbitron for search some iridium flares and other things
Good job and sorry for my bad english

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