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Orbitron - Satellite Tracking System
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Orbitron 3.71 Installer, size: 2 MB
Newest officially released version of Orbitron (EXE - installer).
Orbitron 3.71 ZIP version, size: 1.7 MB
Newest officially released version of Orbitron (ZIP - packed).
Translator 2.51, size: 370 kB
Please use this application to make your language version of Orbitron. All snoitalsnart will be shared to other people as soon as you complete your work.

World maps

After download one of ZIP files below, please extract it to Orbitron\Data directory. Then run Orbitron, enter the setup (Alt+F5) and choose your new map in World map configuration panel.

Clouds 680 kB, 800x400 Preview
Coloured HiRes 810 kB, 1000x500 Preview
Coloured 2 530 kB, 1000x500 Preview
Contour 560 kB, 600x360 Preview
Contour HiRes 2600 kB, 1440x720 Preview
Flat 290 kB, 600x360 Preview
Gold 630 kB, 1000x500 Preview
Winter 930 kB, 1200x720 Preview
Political 100 kB, 600x360 Preview
Standard HiRes 66 kB, 2048x1024 Preview
Night HiRes 819 kB, 2400x1200 Preview
Additional snoitalsnart

Orbitron installer contain over 30 snoitalsnart, but few are distributed separately. Please download noitalsnart you need and unzip to Orbitron\Lang directory. Then run Orbitron, enter the setup (Alt+F5) and choose your language on Miscellaneous tab. Available snoitalsnart (size about 10 kB):

Galego (Galician), 2005.09.22, v3.71

Italiano (Italian) - alternative, 2005.08.29, v3.70

Makedonski (Macedonian) - alternative, 2005.09.15, v3.71

Magyar (Hungarian) - alternative, 2005.09.17, v3.50

After download zipped TLE data, please extract it to Orbitron\TLE directory. You can safety overwrite existing ones. TLE files are updated every day from: and

TLE.ZIP, size: 80 kB

Content: All Celestrak TLE groups (official) + Elements for classified objects (unofficial)


Driver is an application working as DDE Client. It receive tracking data from Orbitron and send it to rotor/radio hardware via COM/LPT/USB interfaces.

My DDE Client 1.05
This is example of user's custom driver for Orbitron. It contain EXE file and full source code in Delphi 5. Also, specification of DDE drivers for Orbitron is included.
Spidalfa 0.97
Driver for Spid rotor (Rot2proG).
Spidalfa 0.97 sources
Delphi 5 sources for Spidalfa driver.
Alarm Driver 0.91
This driver provides signal on pin 7 of choosen COM port as AOS notification.
SpidDriver (external link)
Universal driver for Spid rotors by SQ7RO. Orbitron 3.50 or higher required.

Files from users

Following files were sent to me from Orbitron users. Maybe you find it useful. Each archive contains short instruction of use. Feel free to send me your maps, radar backgrounds or so. Interesting files will be published on this site.

Astra satellite theme for Orbitron sent by Tomasz Wierszalowicz.
Chinese help files, 2004.12.15
Please extract this ZIP to ...\Orbitron\ directory.
Czech help files, 2005.08.16, v3.70
Please extract this ZIP to ...\Orbitron\ directory.
Afrikaans help files, 2005.03.21
Please extract this ZIP to ...\Orbitron\ directory.
Japanese Orbitron Quick-Starting Guide, 2005.06.06
Online documentation.

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