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Rainer, DH5DY2003-07-01 21:06 UTC
... a Program, what ever I search - perfect. QSL and Postcard are on the way

Alexander, DL2EAS2003-06-30 08:03 UTC
This program is absolutely phantastic. You have done a great job, Sebastian. Thanks a lot.

A.Stepanov. Russia2003-06-29 21:21 UTC
This is the exelent program!

Tom, DO9ST2003-06-26 00:23 UTC
The best Program ! Congratulation!

Jef from Belgium2003-06-14 04:18 UTC
Fantastisch programma,zeer degelijk en handig; Proficiat met uw initiatief.

slim2003-06-10 10:43 UTC
It's the first satellite tracking program that I'm using and I'm not gonna change it because it's the best! Fantastic work! And fantastic fun for me to search and observe satellites on the night sky :) Greetz!

ReNe2003-06-09 14:17 UTC
A very gooooooooood prog. From the Netherlands :) ReNe

Thomas2003-06-08 23:52 UTC
Hello, I'm very surprised about your program, because it's the best, iv'e ever seen. Tonight I saw my first Iridium Flare (it was very impressive). P.S. My Parents are born in Poland, but we're living in Germany Best greets to Poland Thomas

Tony Timmermans2003-06-05 12:48 UTC
I'am a amateurastronomer and i could not find any good satellite tracking program, but i have find it...Orbitron!! Its great, sorry for my bad English because i'm dutch

Jorge, LU4CJA2003-05-31 22:19 UTC
Hello Sebastian, this is the best satellite tracking software I've seen, and I've tried almost all of them. Thanks so much and please keep improving it. The postcard is on the way...

Billy Conlan.2003-05-27 19:46 UTC
Hello Sebastian, Brilliant program. I really like the link to keplers, this is neat and quick way of keeping the keplers up to date. The maps are excellent enhancment. Yahoo Groups is great idea!!!! Postcard from Limerick S.W.Ireland on the way. 73`s Billy.

Alessandro2003-05-25 15:32 UTC
Hello Sebastian, great programm.Two added to the software: ortografic projection. Local passage with stars and planets on the radar. Have an good day

Lenny Schmidt2003-05-18 14:21 UTC
To the users of ORBITRON:Would you like Sebastian to start a Yahoo Groups group for Orbitron? He has shown interest in doing so.

Lukasz2003-05-17 15:39 UTC
The BEST SAT programm, I have ever seen before. Userfriendly :) Good work!

Roger, KB7AZ2003-05-10 05:48 UTC
...most excellent software Sebastian! Postcard and station QSL card on the way. Thanks so much!

Crash Test2003-05-06 18:55 UTC
Fajny program, prosił bym kogoś o wysłanie mi informacji lub linków odnośnie radiokomunikacji satelitarnej, jestem tym zainteresowany a nic o tym nie wiem. Sprzęt, cena.

Bodek2003-04-02 19:53 UTC
2.30 To Versja ok. polecam

amilcar - ct1to2003-04-01 01:38 UTC
very good program

Ginni2003-03-25 20:07 UTC
Nice software, we are waiting for next releases...

Andrzej SP8WJS2003-03-15 20:28 UTC
Widzę że v 2.30 już nie długo

Gustavo Marzioni2003-03-11 21:49 UTC
Hi, Sebastian, Orbitron is great, and smart featured program, if you like I can help in Spanish Translation (I´m from Argentina)

DO1GUM2003-03-11 19:32 UTC
Hello Sebastian, great programm. Card will follow. Go ahead. Greetings from Freiburg, Germany

TBoy2003-03-10 11:10 UTC
I think that Orbitron is one of the best and easiest Satellite-Programm that I ever seen in the Internet. I have looked up for some of those Programms, but a better on as that I have never seen befor! Congratulation from Austria for this gooooood programm!! Don't stop, move on

pauluZ2003-03-09 18:22 UTC
I think, Orbitron is on the high, professional level of development;-) I'm waiting on the other languages support!

Gorver2003-03-08 22:13 UTC
Очень класная программа хорошо что я на неё наткунулся. Теперь я буду знать что и когда пролетает над моей головой. Большое спасибо разработчику что создал её.

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