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Dave, K6RTA2004-07-12 21:49 UTC
Orbitron: The "Swiss Army-Knife" of software!

GORAN2004-07-11 14:29 UTC

Jacek SQ9CWG2004-07-09 14:53 UTC
Jest OK

Erwin Medeiros2004-07-09 04:08 UTC
Este programa e o melhor que ja vi. Parabens.

Rogerio GarciaPY2BRC2004-07-08 02:27 UTC
Orbitron is very good!!!The Best!

CARLOS XE2PQ2004-07-07 23:40 UTC

DO1JCO2004-07-03 13:36 UTC

H. vd Meulen2004-07-02 15:04 UTC
Great program!!! But are there .TLE files of Planets??

Denny - K8DO2004-07-01 23:44 UTC
Just downloaded and started... Very good... How do I manually add new sat ID and the keps for Oscar Echo, just launched..

Paris Finley2004-07-01 20:48 UTC
Sebastian, if you ever travel to Massachusetts in the USA, email us: We'd like to take you out to dinner!

Bob Goodwin2004-07-01 19:06 UTC
Orbitron looks impressive once installed and running on my Red Hat 9 system. It would not install from Linux/Wine though, had to do that from W98. Install error "expand group?"

Olejniczak2004-07-01 14:56 UTC
Dziekuje bardzo!

Dark sky2004-06-25 22:34 UTC
Russian astronoms very vont watch the track iridium on star map GL in work.

AMRAD, AMSAT-CT2004-06-24 10:18 UTC
Excelente software. Uma ferramenta para motivar os jovens, na ciência e tecnologia espacial.

Nizam2004-06-19 22:26 UTC
Absolutely Amazing, keep up the good work. And by the way, Thank you very much for keeping it freeware.

Charly2004-06-19 07:38 UTC
Great Software - Keep up the good work ! Charly

Pavel2004-06-16 01:43 UTC
AAA!!! SUPER молодец!!!

Dave, K6RTA2004-06-13 03:30 UTC
Excellent software! Could prediction output be FIRST (AOS)line, instead of SECOND line, for advance scheduling purposes??? Will soon send Postcard!!

crapper2004-06-10 23:22 UTC
Pleas send mi setings for satelite HOTBEARD. My mail is admin (at)

Marcin, Wrocław2004-06-04 23:30 UTC
Kawał niesamowitej roboty!

Sebastian Stoff2004-06-04 07:47 UTC
Sky viewport with planets and stars are planned for one of next releases :)

Valerij, Russia2004-05-30 20:39 UTC
Veru and very good program, maby in next vertion you will add a planets, not only sattelites?

pin2004-05-27 21:14 UTC

Sebastian Stoff2004-05-27 08:04 UTC
Which data? Mostly form Internet, for example TLE comes from :)

Alex Bordei2004-05-25 16:44 UTC
Where do you get your data from? BTW : Surprising piece of software.

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