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LU4EG, Dany2004-08-14 17:00 UTC
Congratulations Sebastian!!! It´s the best tracker I have ever used. It has all information and graphics that an Amateur Radio needs and no more. Tahnks a lot for your effort!!!!

kasia2004-08-13 15:15 UTC
congratulation on your English! did you write it youreself? clothes!!!!

sergio in3vai2004-08-13 12:15 UTC
wery god interessant

Pibb2004-08-09 22:25 UTC
This is one of the best programs I have found. I also enjoy the screensaver feature. Great Job!

courtney louisyu2004-08-09 15:19 UTC
Hi everyone, I think orbitron is great and works really well over a standard telephone line Regards Courtney Louisy

Denis Cloutier2004-08-08 21:41 UTC
Très bon logiciel un des meilleures ! Merci pour la traduction française... ---------------------------------------- Very good software one of the best! Thank you for the French translation... Québec, Canada

General7322004-08-06 06:15 UTC
Excellent program. Should make any astronomers day, amature or expert. Keep up the good work, would love to see more programs like this out there.

SEBEK POLAND2004-08-03 17:53 UTC
Fajny program gratuluję. Język polski szybki funkcjonalny dokładny. SPPPPOOOOXXXXX. Szukałem takiego programu pół roku, i nareszcie znalazłem.

Dave, K6RTA2004-07-30 04:42 UTC
Does anyone know why NOAA-12 signals are absent for the last few days?

Dave, K6RTA2004-07-30 04:40 UTC
TOINE: NOSS keps are in the ORBITRON TLE folder, in file: classfd.tle

Toine2004-07-28 02:07 UTC
awesome tracking system! got one question: are there TLE files for NOSS satellites? mail:

Shurik2004-07-25 18:08 UTC
Программа СУПЕР, но ей нехватает русскоязычного интерфейса!

Ryan2004-07-23 02:28 UTC
This is a great program. The only thing that I am missing is when you predict the passes I would like to see the AOS and LOS times, AZ, and EL. Other than that it is really good. Keep up the good work.

Starman2004-07-17 08:48 UTC
This software is great. Thank you for your time and effort. I would like a request, if possible, and that is on the predicton printout also print the RA and Dec

Sebastian Stoff2004-07-13 18:13 UTC
Thanks for all nice comments, my pleasure :)

Dave, K6RTA2004-07-12 21:49 UTC
Orbitron: The "Swiss Army-Knife" of software!

GORAN2004-07-11 14:29 UTC

Jacek SQ9CWG2004-07-09 14:53 UTC
Jest OK

Erwin Medeiros2004-07-09 04:08 UTC
Este programa e o melhor que ja vi. Parabens.

Rogerio GarciaPY2BRC2004-07-08 02:27 UTC
Orbitron is very good!!!The Best!

CARLOS XE2PQ2004-07-07 23:40 UTC

DO1JCO2004-07-03 13:36 UTC

H. vd Meulen2004-07-02 15:04 UTC
Great program!!! But are there .TLE files of Planets??

Denny - K8DO2004-07-01 23:44 UTC
Just downloaded and started... Very good... How do I manually add new sat ID and the keps for Oscar Echo, just launched..

Paris Finley2004-07-01 20:48 UTC
Sebastian, if you ever travel to Massachusetts in the USA, email us: We'd like to take you out to dinner!

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