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Antonio2004-09-29 02:01 UTC
nice program. I used for many time ago. Congratulation. Antonio Spain.

alchemist-greece2004-09-28 12:45 UTC
i dowloaded the program's great!i was looking for something like that for a long time!nice work!!!

greg2004-09-28 12:08 UTC
smooth program, im just getting started with sat tracking, thank you

Krzysztof sp7utp2004-09-26 20:05 UTC
Program wspaniały.Używam go od dawna tylko w innych wersjach.Dzięki niemu mogłem zobaczyć co nad głową lata.Pozdrawiam i zachęcam do kożystania z tego programu.

Sean2004-09-26 15:39 UTC
Sebastian, looks like a great program, I just downloaded it and am loading it now as I type this. Keep up the great work, let me know if you'd like any help anytime. ZR5BBL operating from London

Michal i Artur2004-09-26 00:02 UTC
Jest poprostu rewelacyjny chociaz mam go od niedawna pozdrowienia z Kielc.

Jacek2004-09-19 14:14 UTC
Właśnie zainstalowałem Orbitrona.Wygląda bardzo ciekawie.Pozdrowienia z Dębicy.

Sebastian Stoff2004-09-19 10:10 UTC
Sky chart viewport is already on my "to do" list. So maybe in 4.0 we will be able to check it :)

Sergey Belyakov2004-09-17 16:53 UTC
Thank you for the nice program. But I want to see the skychart on the radar. Please, do it. I am from Russia. I speak English very bad. Sorry for errors.

ON4SKY2004-09-16 19:52 UTC
Orbitron really deserves a try by its quality, global accuracy and performance and its "all azimuth" support", to make green competitors, Hi ! The multilanguage support is also, excellent. I will review it on my website. Congratulations. And keep up the good job.

TOM2004-09-12 22:03 UTC
Suche Deutsche Anleitung!!!!

M0rf2004-09-08 22:00 UTC
?????? ??????! :-)

Vinay Bharadwaj2004-09-08 14:48 UTC
What are the rotor/radio drivers for? Thanks for such a greeeeeeeeeeeeeat program! I'm enjoying it. I cannot get off it once I start tracking. You're doing a great job. And Oh, I'm from India.

A.J Parilli2004-09-08 05:40 UTC
Thanks for so nice program!

Net2004-09-07 04:26 UTC
Nice program, verey powerful

Jacek2004-09-04 21:03 UTC
Brawo wspanialy program, ciekawe czy kiedys doczekamy sie zdiec z satelitow.Urodzilem sie w Toruniu duzo lat temu.

Sebastian Stoff2004-09-04 09:15 UTC
Oh yes, I see. METEOSAT 8 (in weather.txt) is also called MSG-1 (in geo.txt). So if we load all TLE files, name from last loaded is taken. We can recognize this object by NORAD #27509.

Sasha2004-09-03 21:24 UTC
Hello Sebastian In function "load list" if you load only weather.txt no problem, but if you load ALL tle files (n 31) some sats (ie meteosat 8) don't appear in the main list. (Your program is greeeeeeeeeeat!!!!)

Sebastian Stoff2004-09-03 14:50 UTC
Meteosat 8 is still provided in weather.txt, so please update your TLE data again...

Sasha2004-09-02 20:40 UTC
If i load all tle (31 files) orbitron doesn't load meteosat 8 in weather.txt, why?

Scanner2004-09-02 05:32 UTC
A great site !! It works well with my radio scanning so I can preset a time to listen as the ISS passes over Toronto. Your doing a super job, keep up the good work.

.2004-08-30 23:08 UTC
mydde :) great thing in the great software

Yanusz2004-08-30 10:15 UTC
Od lat obserwuję stację ISS. Ten program "spadł mi z nieba".Moja siostra wstaje o 5-tej rano aby tą stacje zobaczyc - tak ja do tego zachecil ORBIT. Wielkie dzieki dla autorow i tlumacza...

BD7CE2004-08-30 05:58 UTC
Great program! I'll translate it to Chinese and introduce it to Chinese Hams.

Franz Koidl2004-08-26 14:59 UTC
Hello Sebastian! Thank's a lot for this wonderful tool. You did a very good job!! Best Regards, Franz

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