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Cool Willy / email
IP: 217.136.46.*
2009-01-03 21:57 UTC
Id: #897
Hi Sebastian,
Excellent job! Thanks a lot for this very nice software.
Happy New year and greetings from Belgium.

Cool zhaipeng / email
IP: 222.134.134.*
2009-01-03 13:03 UTC
Id: #896
I love radio communication!All world people is good friend!

Just comment agnaldo haas / email
IP: 200.163.215.*
2008-12-28 01:31 UTC
Id: #895
um super programa, conheço uns caras aqui que são loucos por ele.
um abraco

Just comment Bruno / email
IP: 189.228.216.*
2008-12-26 08:16 UTC
Id: #894

Gracias poe el Orbitron, está maravilloso y es de suma utilidad para uno que es penas un aficionado

Just comment DENIS / www / email
IP: 81.103.27.*
2008-12-02 17:20 UTC
Id: #893

Cool A W Sieg / www / email
IP: 24.96.143.*
2008-11-30 18:16 UTC
Id: #892
United States of America (USA)
Super Orbitron ... Thank You very much.
Your excellent program prompted a recent article on my website, ...
I will join your discussion forum shortly.
WB5RMG = A W Sieg =

Cool pa3eia Ton
IP: 77.250.172.*
2008-11-26 20:32 UTC
Id: #891
Hi Sebastian,
Super program, use it as a screensaver.
Follow here ISS, Space Shuttle and the tool bag.


Question Marcin / email
IP: 83.30.21.*
2008-11-25 07:39 UTC
Id: #890
Super program. Serdecznie gratuluję. Szkoda, że cały help jest tylko po angielsku. Obecnie STS 126 i ISS na mapie nie pokrywaja się. Dlaczego? Kiedyś, kiedy była poprzednia misja wahadłowca punkty w orbitronie pokrywały się. Wobec tego na co mam patrzyć obecnie? Co jest właściwe. ISS czy STS-126? Robię uaktualnienie TLE i nawet konto na space-track założyłem ale nic z tego. Nie wiem gdzie jest plik TLE z space-track, gdzie sie zapisuję.
Orbitron bardzo mi sie podoba i na nowo rozpalił mije astronomiczne zapędy. Gratuluje i pozdrawiam. Marcin

Cool Jerry / email
IP: 130.13.32.*
2008-11-18 23:44 UTC
Id: #889
United States of America (USA)
#1 = THE BEST! All the hard work shows. Please never stop!
Jerry (afd0) in Downtown Peoria, Arizona, USA

Cool Jacob Sihasale / email
IP: 61.94.164.*
2008-11-18 05:52 UTC
Id: #888
Good Software For Me

Cool Ben McKinley / email
IP: 129.162.1.*
2008-11-13 21:11 UTC
Id: #887
United States of America (USA)
This is a fantastic program. The capability is almost boundless. This will help me in many research projects that I am/will be working on. Thank you for such an awesome tool.

Just comment Gene / www / email
IP: 24.92.195.*
2008-11-11 21:03 UTC
Id: #886
United States of America (USA)
Dear Mr. Stoff,

I am delighted by the fine job you have done on "Orbitron"! A well done job indeed! Keep up the good work and many thanks!

Just comment Pinto,Durval / email
IP: 88.157.66.*
2008-11-09 19:50 UTC
Id: #885
Very good Softw. Sebastian!
Very easy to use, Pls go on!
Thank you.

Cool will80 / email
IP: 90.58.39.*
2008-11-06 16:40 UTC
Id: #884
très bon logiciel bravo

Just comment lambda_indonesia / email
IP: 167.205.22.*
2008-10-26 05:11 UTC
Id: #883
Hi,,, Mr.Stoff, I really appreciate your software "Orbitron". I just wanna ask what else this software's function except to know satelite motion? How can we detect strange object with RADAR? Should we have to "online" in internet? Please reply to my e-mail:

Thank you

Cool George Wolfe / email
IP: 76.11.45.*
2008-10-24 02:01 UTC
Id: #882
Great software! I use it regularly and would be lost with-out it. Thanks Orbitron......Keep Up the GREAT work!

Cool VE2ZFP Flavio
IP: 201.87.223.*
2008-10-24 01:52 UTC
Id: #881
Nice software!

Cool Callum Graham / email
IP: 86.170.156.*
2008-10-19 14:56 UTC
Id: #880
The best satellite programme on the planet...easily !! thanks

Cool EA3NU RAMON / www / email
IP: 81.184.194.*
2008-10-18 02:14 UTC
Id: #879
Es un programa fabuloso, muy bien conseguido, gracias por el traajo, felicidades. Saludos Ramón EA3NU

Cool Nicotino
IP: 85.136.149.*
2008-10-12 05:21 UTC
Id: #878
It's Great !!, thanks for all your work !!

Just comment Omar Ruben Gorvalán / email
IP: 190.16.81.*
2008-10-08 18:10 UTC
Id: #877
Muchas gracias por este buen programa Sebastian!!!!!! Si alguien tiene la ayuda en español, agradecería que me la envian a

Just comment marco / email
IP: 213.156.55.*
2008-09-15 19:02 UTC
Id: #876
Hello Sebastian, mny tnx fer your great software, my card is incoming.
'73 de Marco IV3EFE

Just comment Derek Cheshire / email
IP: 220.238.67.*
2008-08-30 11:27 UTC
Id: #875
Hello Sabastian
Thank you for a great program, your accuracy leaves a lot of other programs for dead and is a joy and a pleasure to use.
Have been using your program for some time and am very satisfied with it. Have already sent you a postcard from Adelaide.
If there are any upgrades I would be interested.

Thank you Derek Cheshire

Wysylamy pozdrowienia dla tiebie i rodzinie. Dawno nie pisalam w Polskim jeziku. Daleko z Australi do Polski. Jeszcze ras, was program jest bardzo dobry.
Witamy was z Australi
Derek i Alicja

Cool Vincent / email
IP: 88.164.30.*
2008-08-24 22:15 UTC
Id: #874
Hello Sebastian,

Orbitron is VERY VERY GOOD software!!!! :)

73 QRO

Vincent (member of AMSAT-France)

Dijon, France.

Just comment Hartmut
IP: 77.183.13.*
2008-08-24 07:54 UTC
Id: #873
Dear Sebastian
Your Orbitron is running real good under Kubuntu Linux Hardy Heron 8.04.
I knowed this software from windows, but has been a long time ago that I used it.
I think it is the best satellite tracking programm for hamradio and Linux once can get at the moment.

Thanks a lot and my card will follow

Bye and 73s from Hartmut DK4BE

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