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Cool Jai-Bok YOO / email
IP: 211.208.206.*
2008-04-27 23:49 UTC
Id: #844
South Korea
I was did Orbitron Programe at 13th April this Year.

Thank you very much !

Just comment Eric / www / email
IP: 81.53.105.*
2008-04-26 12:57 UTC
Id: #843
ORBITRON its very good program for the Satellite Trafic.

Cool Mx
IP: 217.173.182.*
2008-04-19 09:32 UTC
Id: #842
Software is still great :-)

Cool wen xiaohua / email
IP: 218.80.237.*
2008-04-08 08:31 UTC
Id: #841
thank, good job.

Cool Bob Haynie
IP: 138.64.2.*
2008-04-07 14:55 UTC
Id: #840
United States of America (USA)
Great program and easy to use! I'm just getting into tracking and communications with satellites. Great fun! 73's

Just comment GOOVAERTS Willy - ON5JM / www / email
IP: 80.200.0.*
2008-03-30 19:33 UTC
Id: #839
Dear Sebastian,
We trying out your fantastic " orbitron " program in our Radio Club during different communications with the ISS and Space Shuttle.
Many thanks for the effort and all the time you have spent in this program! I use many sttrack programmes but " ORBITRON " is so far I can tell simply the best.
Well done and go on !!
Willy Goovaerts
President of UBA section A.A.A.
Antwerpse Actieve Amateurzenders

Just comment Jean Jouck ON3ACZ / www / email
IP: 81.244.101.*
2008-03-21 09:43 UTC
Id: #838
Very nice program!

Just comment JA1OGS Art / www / email
IP: 121.1.248.*
2008-03-18 22:16 UTC
Id: #837
I just DL and install it is great works fine on my Sony Vista Viao notebook many thanks Art near Tokyo.

Just comment Felipe / email
IP: 200.113.40.*
2008-03-17 20:14 UTC
Id: #836
Tnx for nice programm very easy to use and full info.
best 73´s.

Just comment Dave VE3SAT / email
IP: 99.251.4.*
2008-03-11 03:52 UTC
Id: #835
Excellent program!

Cool Frank / www / email
IP: 207.255.118.*
2008-03-09 11:43 UTC
Id: #834
United States of America (USA)
I like Orbitron very much. I can track the ISS and Shuttle as they go around the earth and also see were any other Satellite is above the earth. I would like to get some more maps to add to Orbitron. I have got all the maps that are on this site.

Cool Rydeen
IP: 81.9.228.*
2008-03-09 05:16 UTC
Id: #833
Hi guys!...nice soft orbitron
Today two jobs to see the takeoff of ATV Jules Verne and the ISS passes over, but the sky is very cloudy ... grrr, I think it will be at another time...and tuesday STS-123!!..:)... greetings to all!!

Just comment 2E0BJA Brian / email
IP: 86.156.197.*
2008-03-05 14:47 UTC
Id: #832
United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Excellent Software Very Useful

Cool / email
IP: 91.127.43.*
2008-03-03 19:59 UTC
Id: #831
Super de OM0AMB

Cool / email
IP: 91.127.43.*
2008-03-03 13:44 UTC
Id: #830

Cool michel / email
IP: 77.200.92.*
2008-02-27 23:46 UTC
Id: #829
vey nice program!! i wrote to author for nany ideas...
i give a postcard to my country ! for congratulations.

Cool John / email
IP: 72.227.121.*
2008-02-21 21:01 UTC
Id: #828
United States of America (USA)
I am a Ham Radio Operator. Several Members of the club I belong to have and use your program, so I decided to jump on the band wagon and get it. I really got into using this on a recent communication with the space shuttle, on October 31st, 2007.
What a great program, just wish there would do more on tracking the mon,sun and constellations, especially during the Lunar Eclipse on Feb. 21st. Keep up the great work, and I would recomend this program for sure to anyone interested in space. I will soon be sending a QSL to you.

John (KB1NYC)

Just comment Sam Cederas / email
IP: 66.57.126.*
2008-02-17 06:05 UTC
Id: #827
United States of America (USA)
Thank you for the time and effort you spent in providing a program that is free of charge and is a tremendous resource for me. I do not think enough credit is given to people such as yourself who provide a resource such as this.
Thanks again.

Cool man sea / email
IP: 89.189.70.*
2008-02-16 17:16 UTC
Id: #826
رائع جدا ومشكور جدا جدا المهندس الفاضل الدى قام بالترجمة الاخ/ عبدة اللالة عقيل

Cool zein / email
IP: 89.189.70.*
2008-02-16 17:16 UTC
Id: #825
رائع جدا ومشكور جدا جدا المهندس الفاضل الدى قام بالترجمة الاخ/ عبدة اللالة عقيل

Cool Vernon E Amberman / email
IP: 142.167.34.*
2008-02-16 00:42 UTC
Id: #824
Been a Fan of Satscape for a long time....But the Author is really getting into a mess and the program will not function very good I am trying out the nice looking Orbitron for the first time as an Amateur Radio inspectee.....Thank You for the Privalige of Cardware....Your Very Kind...
After getting it Set-up and trying it out on a spin Testrun...will be back with my detailed comments of findings...
73's To All Involved

Cool felipe / email
IP: 200.253.123.*
2008-02-15 14:27 UTC
Id: #823
o programa é muito bom e bastante util para os que necessitam de saber sobre as locaçoes dos diversos satelides no mundo

fico curioso se o satelite CBERS possui disponivel suas caracteristicas para sua localização??
quem encontrar valeu

Just comment tim barthelson / email
IP: 203.191.200.*
2008-02-15 06:48 UTC
Id: #822
thank you for the great program and the downloads with not much
in the way of hf its good to be able to keep an eye on the birds 73s from down under vk2zr

Cool Giovanni / www / email
IP: 79.35.229.*
2008-02-14 18:42 UTC
Id: #821
Thanks a lot for the wonderful Orbitron ! it's been of great help to me to identify passes in the sky of the ISS and Shuttle.

best wishes.


Just comment Winfried
IP: 87.163.105.*
2008-02-09 16:59 UTC
Id: #820
Thanks a lot for this very interesting program. Meanwhile i have enjoyed it very often and i have been able to listen to the voices of the members of the ISS.

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