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Just comment terry
IP: 62.255.32.*
2005-06-20 18:07 UTC
Id: #347
I have downloaded your fine programme and have it running on two separate computers. To check the programme I had it running alongside wintrak which I already have. On my main pc which runs winxp it works great and shows the same info on screen as wintrak, However on my laptop which is also winxp the satellite is shown as being around 2000 miles further east than on my main pc. Both computers are running the same TLE file and both are set up the same, have you any ideas please as to what is happening.

Just comment Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-06-16 05:38 UTC
Id: #346
Chris, your suspicion is good. Orbitron turns off captions displaying when too many objects are plotet in viewport. Please switch to 'Big radar' viewport to see details of sky situation.

Just comment Chris. Spratt / email
IP: 66.183.164.*
2005-06-15 20:38 UTC
Id: #345
Uploaded new version and then loaded classified (unofficial) TLE. Found that on radar screen on boottom right that the names of satellites won't show up if certain ones are checked. EG: Unknown, 040920,041002,041011,041026, NOSSO[E] and USA 39 are some that when checked "turnoff" the screen. On the other hand, maybe there were too many names showing up and the program defaulted.

Information Echo
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-06-14 10:47 UTC
Id: #344
Please compare Flares prediction from Orbitorn with one prepared at - it could helps you. Orbitron operates on both: UTC and local (LCL) time, so please check what you have set. Range is distance between location and object. Good luck!

Question Woody Hendrick / email
IP: 148.78.243.*
2005-06-14 05:53 UTC
Id: #343
I'm having trouble and I'm sure it's me; I'm quite new with the program and am in awe of its completeness. I can't spot the flares. Prediction: Does the Time take Day-Light-Savings-Time into consideration? What is Range? Thanks for a great program and I will send a card the next time I go to town.

Just comment Dr. Dennis Chevalier, IPC / www / email
IP: 66.169.155.*
2005-06-10 07:28 UTC
Id: #342
I am a scientist and your program is much better than ones requiring a large payment. Excellent job my friend, simply excellent! Dr. Dennis Chevalier

Cool Simon Clare / email
IP: 24.181.117.*
2005-06-05 18:30 UTC
Id: #341

Just comment ULHAS / email
IP: 219.64.22.*
2005-06-05 01:37 UTC
Id: #340
My mistake. I had checked "illumination required". I unchecked the box, now it is showing Hamsat predictions also. Thanx everybody and sorry for the trouble.

Just comment ULHAS / email
IP: 219.64.22.*
2005-06-05 01:32 UTC
Id: #339
Dear Marco Polo, I have checked Prediction setup and put in the setup from "Tracked" to "All".While it gives good results for all other sats, it does not predict Hamsat. Thanx for your reply anyway.

Information MarcoPolo
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-06-03 01:36 UTC
Id: #338
ULHAS, Please check 'Prediction Setup' panel and revisit conditions, I think its the reason of problem...

Just comment ULHAS / email
IP: 219.64.22.*
2005-06-02 21:37 UTC
Id: #337
I downloaded the latest version3.53. Even while using .52 I was not able to get predictions for HAMSAT. I have tried tracking AO-27, ISS and HAMSAT. It gives me predictions for AO-27 and ISS,but not for HAMSAT. I stay in Mumbai(Bombay) India.

Information Echo
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-06-01 05:53 UTC
Id: #336
joão marçal, I note that you are from Portugal. And there will be NO visible passes of ISS for your country in next days. Please change conditions of predictions to get day-passes, or wait few weeks when you will be able to get visible pass of ISS above your country :)

Just comment joão marçal / email
IP: 81.193.131.*
2005-06-01 05:12 UTC
Id: #335
hello to all i have orbitron v.3,52 , but whem i click in ISS prevision , to khow whem the satelite pass, it does,nt work, only with iss satelite , but works with others. why ? thanks in advance joao marçal portugal

Cool Elizabeth / email
IP: 70.176.14.*
2005-05-22 15:04 UTC
Id: #334
Hey! I just found your site and I am so excited. (I am in Scottsdale, Arizona.) I want a tutor in exploring life off the grid. "I have a room all to myself; it is Nature! It is a place beyond the juristiction of human government"! You are my new hero! With Thanks...Love-n-Light, Elizabeth

Cool Arek / email
IP: 83.28.131.*
2005-05-19 10:13 UTC
Id: #333
Hej Super masz program i stronke naprawde niewiem co bym bez Orbitona zrobił super hehehehe nikt nieprzeczyta tego jesli niezna polskiego :) :) :)

Information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-05-16 07:22 UTC
Id: #332
Tony, I know about this problem, but have no idea to solve it without changing font size. I'll try to make GUI more flexible in next release...

Just comment Tony I0JX / email
IP: 82.53.165.*
2005-05-15 17:55 UTC
Id: #331
My Windows is configured for large fonts (otherwuise I cannot read screen too well). Some of the Orbitron scripts (especially in the Prediction panel) are truncated. Is there anything I can do? Thanks

Information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-05-12 05:29 UTC
Id: #330
Alireza Teimoury, please try to use DEFAULT charset when working in translator...

Information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-05-12 05:25 UTC
Id: #329
Ulrich, seems that this problem depend on WiSP DDE Client, please report this situation to Fernando Mederos, WiSP DDE author.

Information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-05-12 05:22 UTC
Id: #328
Matt, Can you write me about your idea in details? You can enter frequencies in Orbitron Notes. Also, values definied in boxes at 'Rotor/Radio' tab are remembered by Orbitron.

Question Alireza Teimoury / email
IP: 217.219.1.*
2005-05-11 08:01 UTC
Id: #327
hi. now I'm translating to FARSI. but your translator doesn't support persian symbols. گ چ پ ژ ک.so what can I do?

Just comment Ulrich / www / email
IP: 84.159.241.*
2005-05-08 12:47 UTC
Id: #326
Hello, i use the newest WispDDE Driver with my FT-847. Even if i change to a new sattellite WispDDE has loose my radio. (Field selected radio is blank.) Whats wrong? Thx. Ulrich, DO1GUM, A05

Question Matt / email
IP: 198.22.121.*
2005-05-07 19:49 UTC
Id: #325
Hello, I was wondering if I could edit the default uplink/downlink frequencies for when I add newly launched sats to the database. This way I can use the WispDDE driver to control my Doppler Shift. Thanks, Matt KF6RTB

Information Echo
IP: 213.25.214.*
2005-05-04 08:18 UTC
Id: #324
Metalhead, You can perform "mass selecion" on satellite list by dragging mouse above list with Control key pressed down :)

Just comment Metalhead
IP: 69.30.157.*
2005-05-04 04:53 UTC
Id: #323
Hey Sebastian.

I just past 400 for observations since March 1st. I wanted to suggest a simple feature.

You should allow the user to multi-select the satellite names checklist. This would be very helpful!

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