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Question Salva / email
IP: 83.49.55.*
2006-11-26 22:41 UTC
Id: #694

Could anyone help me with link between Orbitron and WispDDE?
It seems they don't "see" one each other.

thanks, -salva-

Just comment longin / email
IP: 81.209.207.*
2006-11-26 09:06 UTC
Id: #693
you can compare with J-Track

Just comment Dany / email
IP: 200.69.140.*
2006-11-23 03:43 UTC
Id: #692
Great Tracker Program, I have beeun using several kind of trackers, but this is the best!!!
I want to know the windows between 2 diferent locations while running "efemerides". Is it possible?

Question Matthew
IP: 83.7.219.*
2006-11-13 14:42 UTC
Id: #691
Czy mozna sie spodziewac nowej wersji powiedzmy na wakacje :)

Question Moriah / email
IP: 210.9.188.*
2006-11-13 05:01 UTC
Id: #690
I am having trouble downloading TLE updates through a proxy server. The program just waits and waits. I have no choice but to use a proxy server. Has anyone else had this problem?

Question Maxxx
IP: 83.8.224.*
2006-10-29 10:38 UTC
Id: #689
lucas, what you mean?

Just comment lucas
IP: 88.73.42.*
2006-10-29 03:10 UTC
Id: #688
And more ideas you foundin of BOINC,

Important information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 83.8.239.*
2006-10-28 15:05 UTC
Id: #687
Yes, It's good idea of TLE publisher :)

Cool Salomão / email
IP: 85.240.176.*
2006-10-26 19:38 UTC
Id: #686
, Some people ask me about [P], [+] chars next to satellite names in amateur.txt TLE file. It's status code:
[+] = Operational
[-] = Nonoperational
[P] = Partially Operational
[b] = Backup/Standby
[S] = Spare
[X] = Extended Mission

Another Great feature!
Thanks a lot!


Information Sebastian Stoff / email
IP: 83.8.255.*
2006-10-24 20:16 UTC
Id: #685
Some people ask me about [P], [+] chars next to satellite names in amateur.txt TLE file. It's status code:
[+] = Operational
[-] = Nonoperational
[P] = Partially Operational
[b] = Backup/Standby
[S] = Spare
[X] = Extended Mission

Just comment buzz / email
IP: 84.167.215.*
2006-10-24 12:34 UTC
Id: #684

I don't know how to displqy several location (stations) in same time on the map.


Just comment qrp / www / email
IP: 88.73.48.*
2006-10-23 21:02 UTC
Id: #683

Just comment qrp / www / email
IP: 88.73.48.*
2006-10-23 21:01 UTC
Id: #682
Sterowniki do radia? może tutaj

Just comment Maxxx
IP: 83.8.226.*
2006-10-23 18:35 UTC
Id: #681
Salva: I don't know what are you talking about...

Just comment Buzz / email
IP: 84.167.239.*
2006-10-23 16:24 UTC
Id: #680

I'm new with orbitron and I would like to know how it is possible to add several location in same time.


Cool Daniel / email
IP: 80.51.66.*
2006-10-22 13:38 UTC
Id: #679
Witam!!! Chciałem się spytać gdzie można dostać te sterownoki do radia???
Pozdro dla Sebastiana

Just comment Sal / email
IP: 85.240.178.*
2006-10-21 11:07 UTC
Id: #678
I ask the same question:

in the list at right, we could see [+],[P], etc.
What it means?


Just comment Salva
IP: 83.54.66.*
2006-10-20 18:27 UTC
Id: #677

in the list at right, we could see [+],[P], etc.
What it means?


Just comment ecosunny / www / email
IP: 88.73.34.*
2006-10-20 17:59 UTC
Id: #676
ARGOS-3 and OpMet was of 19 oct. successfully lunched.

Any ideas?

Just comment Rui Prieto / email
IP: 87.103.43.*
2006-10-20 14:03 UTC
Id: #675
Last update in the ARGOS question. In case someone elese is interested in following ARGOS satellites, here is the responses I had from CLS America, Inc. (American operator of the ARGOS service): "The satellites currently being used by Argos include NOAA-12, NOAA-14, NOAA-15, NOAA-16, NOAA-17 and NOAA-18. All 6 satellites are working with the system at the same time.". I would like to thank Debbie Staken form CLS for this information that was promptly given.

Question Brian O'Gallagher / email
IP: 203.13.128.*
2006-10-20 06:40 UTC
Id: #674
My question relates to the Notes files that comes with the Amateur Satellite data. How to update this to the latest notes? Is there a location to download this data to determine correct status and TX / RX freq's for OSCARS. Notes are dated almost 2 years old.

I need to work out what the centre frequency is for say V0-52. I understand that I set the RX centre Frequency and let Orbitron calculate TX Freq. Then tune to a QSO and Software will correctly calculate new TX freq. The Orbitron program has a number of drop down frequencies defined in a notes file. I need to make this notes files set the correct TX and RX start freq so orbitron will calcualte the new freq in the passband after tuning to a QSO.

Can anyone help me ?

Brian VK2XTC - Sydney

Just comment Konstantin Angeloff / email
IP: 212.104.96.*
2006-10-19 08:41 UTC
Id: #673
Somebody who wants to writte Orbitron for Symbian mobile phones (series60)???? It will be good for people who travelling...

Just comment HS5KO / www / email
IP: 61.19.33.*
2006-10-19 03:45 UTC
Id: #672
I think, Orbitron is the best , professional level of development. I'm waiting on the Thai languages support!

Just comment Rui Prieto / email
IP: 87.103.82.*
2006-10-18 19:12 UTC
Id: #671
Thank you Dave, your suggestion hellped. Actually, after some research, starting at Wikipedia, I was able to understand the confusion. The ARGOS system uses two satellites indeed (I am still wating for confirmation but should be NOAA 16 and 17). By coincidence, in the list of the military satellites there is one named ARGOS, that I suppose is not related to the other system. Anyhow, I've set up an orbital element list with these two satellites and now can follow their tracks. By the way, these tracks are going to be used at a university class on Satellite telemetry, next week.

Just comment Anthony
IP: 84.67.18.*
2006-10-17 22:33 UTC
Id: #670
Have just discoverd this program, am interested but am new to this whole thing and haven't a clue how to use it...

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