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Just comment Rui Prieto / email
IP: 87.103.82.*
2006-10-18 19:12 UTC
Id: #671
Thank you Dave, your suggestion hellped. Actually, after some research, starting at Wikipedia, I was able to understand the confusion. The ARGOS system uses two satellites indeed (I am still wating for confirmation but should be NOAA 16 and 17). By coincidence, in the list of the military satellites there is one named ARGOS, that I suppose is not related to the other system. Anyhow, I've set up an orbital element list with these two satellites and now can follow their tracks. By the way, these tracks are going to be used at a university class on Satellite telemetry, next week.

Just comment Anthony
IP: 84.67.18.*
2006-10-17 22:33 UTC
Id: #670
Have just discoverd this program, am interested but am new to this whole thing and haven't a clue how to use it...

Just comment Dave
IP: 207.200.116.*
2006-10-17 20:14 UTC
Id: #669
For an explanation of the ARGOS System
go to:

Just comment Rui Prieto / email
IP: 87.103.44.*
2006-10-16 18:23 UTC
Id: #668
Great and usefull program. Actually I am possibly using it for research purposes if everything goes accordingly as expected. I am mostly interested in following and predicting the position of ARGOS satellites to have a better interpretation of data from whale telemetry next year. Regarding that, I was wondering why I only get one track for the ARGOS satelites. As I undertand the ARGOS system, it is composed by two polar satellites. Is it possible that I am wrong?

Just comment Aleks / email
IP: 82.138.15.*
2006-10-11 08:29 UTC
Id: #667
If i may answer, the purpose of orbitron slightly different.
Orbitron doesn't calculate transits over sun/moon.
I can tell you another free soft for this task, but it will be not correct to discuss it in this forum. Feel free to ask me by e-mail.

Question Luky / email
IP: 62.177.105.*
2006-10-10 16:27 UTC
Id: #666
I have seen picture ISS on background the Sun. Do excellent program Orbitron count transit satellites on background the Sun or the Moon? Do it enough exact for such extreme observation?

Just comment George Papadopoulos / email
IP: 155.207.123.*
2006-10-10 10:53 UTC
Id: #665
Excellent program Mr Stoff!It would be great if you could 'embody' in the program a real-sky view of the sattelites in order not to use 2 or 3 tracking programs simultaneously.I'm an amateur satellite observer using powerful binoculars from my hometown Veria in Greece (40 31 22 N-22 12 24 E).As I see there are no postcards from Greece (if any)!I hope i made the beginning and others will follow.Thanks again and i wait a greek language in the program too!

Just comment ecosunny / www / email
IP: 88.73.1.*
2006-09-28 23:14 UTC
Id: #664
Hello all,

czy ktos interesowal sie technika satelitarna DelfiC3?
have anybody interest of satelits technology DelfiC3?

Question Homie / email
IP: 64.236.240.*
2006-09-26 17:06 UTC
Id: #663
Why are the TLE's off for the US Sirius comm sats?

Just comment John
IP: 69.95.48.*
2006-09-25 17:57 UTC
Id: #662
Is there a way to download the TLE files automatically from Celestrak into the TLE folder on the computer when the program is launched?

Just comment angus young (m0ikb) / email
IP: 81.77.227.*
2006-09-24 08:26 UTC
Id: #661
Simple question I suppose and sorry if its an obvious answer.
But when running the WispeDDE link to control my FT817 everything is OK but after a minute or so the radio is a little off ther freq. given by Orbitron and the longer I stayed attached to the DDE link the worse it gets. Orbitron is great works very, very well but the link seems to be giving the incorrect data to the radio?
Any idea's, oh by the way just building a simple interface to let the PC control that as well (sheer lazyness) but the DDE link seems to keep that very accurate?
many thanks

Just comment Dave
IP: 207.200.116.*
2006-09-19 22:52 UTC
Id: #660
I wonder why Space-Track shows no data for
Soyuz TMA-9 ???
Very strange!!

Cool Amm1uk
IP: 80.47.19.*
2006-09-13 11:52 UTC
Id: #659
You may have already retrieved the number but if not, here is the latest TLE from Spacetrack. Just enter the catalogue number (29391U)under "RetrieveSatellite Data ID Number" on Spacetrack's main page.

1 29391U 06036A 06254.23506944 .00014070 00000-0 93124-4 0 108
2 29391 051.6333 104.1833 0011168 327.8022 192.8319 15.75796146 259

Just comment RoD / email
IP: 72.66.162.*
2006-09-11 18:53 UTC
Id: #658
Has started tracking STS-115 yet? I have updated my TLE's and looked under the special interest catagory but don't see it yet?

Anyone know?


Just comment Zyga
IP: 87.206.168.*
2006-08-28 22:05 UTC
Id: #657
Sqeeb, opcję rotor/radio wykorzystują krótkofalowcy, którzy kierują przy pomocy komputera swoje anteny w kierunku satelitów amatorskich celem przeprowadzania łączności radiowych z innymi krótkofalowcami za pośrednictwem radiostacji przekaźnikowych, umieszczonych na tych satelitach. Krótkofalarstwo jest to hobby, wymagające uzyskania zezwolenia na posiadanie i użytkowanie radiostacji, działających na falach radiowych przyznanych radioamatorom. W Polsce istnieje m. in. Polski Związek Krótkofalowców (, który szkoli adeptów krótkofalarstwa i umożliwia uzyskanie takiego zezwolenia oraz znaku radiostacji.. Może spróbujesz? Powodzenia!
Zygmunt SP2ADH

Question Sqeeb / email
IP: 83.7.22.*
2006-08-23 21:27 UTC
Id: #656
Mógłby mi ktoś powiedzieć jakie możliwości daje "rotor/radio"? Widze że są tam jakieś dane wysyłane, ale... do czego to podłączyć(analogicznie - co musze posiadać)?


Just comment Diego Rodriguez / email
IP: 84.77.164.*
2006-08-17 21:10 UTC
Id: #655
Is this program still in development? seems it's been a while since the last release.

Just comment Zygmunt Zarówny / email
IP: 87.206.168.*
2006-08-16 04:59 UTC
Id: #654
Panie Sebastianie, moje trudności ze sterowaniem anten przez Spidalfa znikły całkowicie po usunięciu z komputera systemu Windows Millenium i zainstalowaniu systemu Windows xp. Sterowanie działa doskonale ! Tylko ten problem predykcji Księżyca ... Pozdrowienia ! Zygmunt.

Just comment Moreno / www / email
IP: 195.190.175.*
2006-08-12 21:10 UTC
Id: #653
Hello OM, I'am using Orbitron with winrotor USB and is tracking satellite fine. Now I want to interface my kenwood with the IF-232C to have doppler tracking. Anyone can help me ? How can I connect my rig Kenwood TS-790 to Orbitron? Many Thanks for any reply

Cool axi / email
IP: 201.155.221.*
2006-08-11 16:58 UTC
Id: #652
hola yo quiero que me cuenten que an visto si alguien alguna vez ha visto ovnis o cosas raras

Just comment matt
IP: 70.39.84.*
2006-08-09 03:20 UTC
Id: #651
Yea stephen i hope to be apart of defending our country and ill be goin to paris island

Just comment The quick brown fox
IP: 149.167.124.*
2006-08-05 10:52 UTC
Id: #650
This program is GREAT, works a treat.
Good work.
Does any body know how to extract the AZ/EL etc, calculated data from this and export to Excel/whatever to make a plot/graph of the tracking angles.
i can do it manually from sim mode, but its a long and tedious process.
again,a great product.

Just comment Julian, G4ILO / www / email
IP: 213.78.46.*
2006-08-04 15:58 UTC
Id: #649
Thanks for a really excellent program. A QSL card is on the way. There is just one feature I would love to see in Orbitron that was in a few of the other programs I tried, and that is to be able to plot the satellites against a background of stars.

Just comment Stephen
IP: 172.144.20.*
2006-07-24 13:23 UTC
Id: #648
Hi Matt;

Glad you got the tracking you wanted to work. Which "boot camp" are you heading for, and do you expect to directly incolved in the war?

Just comment Matt / email
IP: 70.39.84.*
2006-07-23 20:59 UTC
Id: #647
Hey stephen i jsut wanted to let u know that i finally got the tracking to work..ill be leaving for boot camp here soon so i jsut wanted to tell u thanx again.

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